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IoT operational performance Offer

Supervise equipment and optimize systems
The search for operational performance requires the convergence of data and processes: to supervise, to focus human interventions, to maintain optimum functioning.

By reducing costs and the relative accessibility of sensors, networks and computing power, IoT offers the possibility to orchestrate the progress of a convergence between data & process. Where historically the data was the result of the process, it becomes today an entry on which the choice of actions to start is based. Except for a few new entrants able to toast the stages, for the others, the evolution is more systematically iterative:

  1. Reliability of the data to supervise. This is often the initiator project. Why send a technician to do a meter reading when this can be done remotely?
  2. Model to drive. It is then necessary to explore the data, to understand it, at least to describe it, to seek correlations, to build homogeneous clusters
  3. Detect weak signals to optimize. The search for abnormality becomes the goal, to anticipate a fraud or a future failure for example
  4. Predict to automate. The data becomes the fuel at the source of systems operation. Then the place of the user changes : from decision maker he becomes a supervisor. He defines the target and ensures that the system succeeds. He no longer ensures the triggering of actions

Whatever your maturity in this inevitable progression, VISEO helps you to converge data & process.

Solution Manager
Thibault Celier

Thibault CELIER started his career in 2000 at Cegetel, in wholesale, when cellphones and high-speed internet were growing.

In 2005, he joins the consulting sector and specializes in digital issues in audiovisual medias (VoD, interactive TV, mobile TV…), and accompanies clients such as SFR, Orange or Europacorp.

In 2010, he joins Novedia as Media Director. He then develops an offer dedicated to new television experiences. He initiates and accompanies the first steps of the second-screen and the social TV for Canal+, France Télévisions or France 24.

In 2014, he starts to develop an activity centered on creating communities and innovative digital services for the products and brands of VISEO’s clients.

Thibault also teaches medias and audiovisual around the sector’s new issues in various classes. He graduated from the Institut Supérieur d’Electronique of Paris, and has a Masters D2A in law and administration of audiovisual communication (Paris I).