The possibilities of cloud architecture transforms the way of developing software. Innovative architectures, including Data/IoT & AI, are now processing information faster, and IoT Edge architecture combined with artificial intelligence are taking cloud logic straight to devices. These architectures are a source of innovation and value for companies that are increasingly considering disruptive technologies.


VISEO brings you the expertise of "design by Cloud" with know-how in functional programming, micro-services architectures, DevOps CI/CD, IoT Edge, etc. We bring innovation to the heart of your business organization by raising barriers at the technical level while ensuring a cross-functional approach.


Our teams address various projects, from cloud platform redesign projects to support startups. We offer a comprehensive support package for your IoT projects, bringing together "business know-how", skills related to software, cloud and hardware. Our end-to-end offer is based on collaboration with an ecosystem of hardware partners, software or standardization organizations in industrial IoT, such as the OPC foundation. The application of rigorous and proven procedures for IoT and our expertise in terms of project costing allow us to guarantee the budget, the delivery or even the quality to avoid failures of these innovation projects.

The digital champions have deeply freshened the way to tackle the technological projects: very focused on the user and its experience; they also found approaches that allow experiencing their prejudices at low cost, address real needs, grasp the latent or underlying expectations and create a lasting business model.

Whether it is for an overall strategic plan or about only one project, whether it is seeking innovation or addressing a specific need, whether it targets an end customer or internal user, every technological project must commit by the development of a vision of the product or the service that meets the need by reconciling viability, feasibility and desirability.

VISEO knows how to assist you while your roadmap is initiating: our consultants can combine the traditional consulting expertise with approaches that are taking advantage of innovative methodologies: design thinking to meet real needs, innovation games to generate innovative approaches and co-create the solutions and the lean-start-up to build a vision in touch with the business issues and minimize the failure cost. During the guidance phase, there is the possibility to reunite our design, technique and consulting experts in association with yours, to allow the emergence of the most relevant solutions.

Digital has transformed the way of thinking and marketing. The possibilities of customising routes or offers, the multiplication of communication and engagement media, the ability to monitor and measure the results of interactions have changed the work of marketing departments.

Digital transformation has often started with the redesign of marketing strategy and these departments have been at the forefront in creating digital assets for connected customers. The field of digital marketing has taken on a high technological density and profiles have been mobilized to embody in organizations a central customer approach beyond the initial scope of their management.

VISEO brings its experience of the challenges of digital technology to these business, marketing or digital management departments, combining marketing consulting know-how with a more empathetic and experience-oriented approach. From the development of digital strategies to meet the new challenges of customers connected to the definition of digital products, VISEO supports your marketing organizations in their roadmap and in the animation of the devices that materialize the digitalization of the customer experience.

Digitalization of processes, personalization of customer experiences, breakthrough innovations are shaping the new landscape of business life. To give your organization all the tools it needs to win the digital competition, it is now necessary to place agility at the heart of its operation.


By offering advice, training and coaching, we initiate or accelerate your Lean and Agile transformation. Our coaches have expertise in managing cultural and organizational change and implementing technical prerequisites. They are involved at all levels of your ecosystem (team, program, portfolio, architecture, process, sourcing, purchasing, legal, finance, governance, human resources...).


We can mobilize enterprise frameworks such as SAFe®, LeSS, Nexus, SSwS, DaD, RAGE, eScrum, etc., to bring out new ways of collaboration, new ways of producing and selling. Finally, we provide a structured and objective assessment of the level of agility achieved by your team or organization.