Glossary of expertise

The administrative productivity gains of dematerialization are based not only on the automation of processing and the instantaneous accessibility of documents, but also on the optimization of organization and business processes. VISEO offers a dematerialization solution that meets the main challenges of the business divisions in terms of operational performance, administrative efficiency and productivity gains.

VISEO supports you in setting up e-procurement solutions that allow you to apply the best purchasing practices and manage your cash flow more efficiently. VISEO offers you simplified access to business solutions with high added value, in the cloud, easily integrated with all ERP and free from any administrative burden.

As technology comes to the heart of the value proposal of companies, as organizations accelerate their major transformation projects and their strategy calls for more and more digital innovations and technological projects, project management reinvents itself to become a key link in the success of digital transformation.

The intensity of technological breakthroughs, the reduction in predictability of results, the shortening of time-to-market and the importance attached to user acceptance are forcing project management to become more agile. It is always a question of knowing how to elicit the need from businesses and formalize the future solution with the language of stakeholders, then to manage and lead each project in an economy of resource and time, control the risk and quality, in ensuring the visibility of the production progress. But it is now also necessary to know how to manage a project as a strategist, as a product owner, with the constant concern to produce value, validated by repeated interactions with businesses and the search for returns as frequent as possible from the recipients of the solution. The project manager becomes Product Manager when he is given the full responsibility to lead his digital project by addressing all dimensions of its success, its quality to its economic viability or its desirability to its users.

VISEO accompanies you with end-to-end project management expertise in all the components of your digital transformations. From the implementation of proven methodologies for the realization of critical solutions or their international deployment to the program management, which coordinates multiple stakeholders, through the management of agile projects, our consultants contribute decisively to the success of your technological ambitions.

A company wishing to control its operational objectives, KPIs, flows and traffic must be able to carry out regular reporting phases. A check of its indicators that can detect opportunities for improvement, and expand the scope of all your digital operations.

Many solutions today help to automate these reports but the human is critical to be able to draw from these sometimes heterogeneous data aggregates the input and the variables which will be decisive to then control your digital strategy.

Our consultants are experts in data extraction and analysis of web analytics: they will be able to advise you throughout your reporting project and offer solutions tailored to your use cases and knowledge of very special jobs.

The transformation of technological projects has been accompanied by an increasing adoption of agile approaches. While the agile methodology brings a product vision to developments, the adoption of the devops approach brings a service vision, complementary to the first, aimed at optimizing performance, reliability and reproducibility through automation. By eliminating friction points due to manual, time-consuming and resource-intensive actions, it maximizes value over the entire product life cycle.

To broaden the perspective from product design to its exploitation, devops leads to rethinking or adapting both the organization and technological tools. It aims to make the entire process agile while improving collaboration between development and operational teams.

Our devops consultants will support you in the implementation of this approach, in particular by streamlining all production start-up processes through automated CI/CD chains or code based infrastructure management. We also set up the monitoring of applications, infrastructure or the automation of quality processes such as functional or performance tests.

To optimize its performance, a company today must know perfectly how to plan its activity, analyze its costs and ensure the execution of its strategy. To meet its growing need for agility, the rapid evolution of its business, its market and its organizational cycles, it must equip itself with a planning and management system that is user-friendly, flexible, scalable and powerful.

Solutions called EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) or CPM (Corporate Performance Management) enable to manage the entire performance cycle with a single integrated solution, whether in finance, supply chain, or sales functions. Digital solutions are replacing spreadsheets to revolutionize the company's ability to analyze and act on a multitude of financial, operational or market information.

We help you optimize your performance management by defining an enterprise performance management strategy; we provide end-to-end tools for your planning and forecasting processes; we deploy budgeting, planning, management control, consolidation, analysis and reporting tools installed within your architecture or in the cloud.

To improve their sales performance and customer loyalty, companies strive to implement a relational strategy to focus their operations on their customers and offer them customized offers, individualized approach and unique experiences. Digital multiplies the channels and the number of interactions consequently it makes the challenge both more complex and more distinctive for those who succeed in facing it.

CRM tools are at the heart of this promise. By gathering and enhancing customer knowledge, they enable you to be as close as possible to their expectations, gain in relevance and enrich your relationship to make it more engaging. The functional richness of these tools allows today to mobilize interaction automation, intelligence, collaboration and mobility techniques, beyond customer knowledge management and commercial performance, which are the first attributes of these application suites.

We provide end-to-end support in the implementation of CRM strategies, from understanding your customers and their paths, the definition of relational strategies to the choice and implementation of digital CRM platforms in all their components, through the enhancement of your customer data to implement campaigns. We can operate the platforms and create the scenarii that create those distinctive customer experiences and optimize your customers' lifetime value.

The success of an innovative digital product requires a combination of product vision and technological expertise in a limited time. However, organizational models and corporate cultures often hinder this collaboration between business and engineering; these teams spontaneously have difficulty understanding each other and sometimes find themselves separated by organization or geography. The result is a degraded speed of execution and even poorly designed products.

By welcoming your project in our digital factories, we allow you to reduce the time between the right PowerPoint idea and the marketing of the product. Through a turnkey project approach, organizing collaboration between the business and the development team, through a system facilitating multi-disciplinarily, to mobilize all the know-how required to produce a digital product - from the design thinking coach to the developer, via the UX designer or the security expert - the factory sets an organizational model and operates it, seeking optimum productivity without any compromise on product quality.

On site or on our premises, we build around your business teams and their business owners a complete agile project system, integrating human resources, technical resources and a proven team organization and piloting method, to realize your product.

Come with your product vision, leave with your product!

While human capital is one of the company's most strategic assets, the HR function must rethink itself to take on talent management beyond traditional personnel administration. Employees' expectations of their employer are shifting and the organization must be able to attract, engage, and retain them, develop their skills and implement a real strategy around these talents.

By mobilizing expertise in human resources issues and know-how around Human Capital Management technologies, we operate your transformation of the HR function in all its dimensions: payroll, expense management, working time management, talent and learning management, performance management and evaluation, etc.

Our dedicated department has a strong knowledge of the main HR solutions provided by key software vendors. Our certified consultants can customize and implement these solutions from build to run.

The company's operational and financial performance is increasingly based on its ability to plan and optimize its supply chain, from manufacturing to commercial operations; by multiplying distribution channels, return procedures and shortening delivery times, multi-channel trade significantly increases the requirements based on logistics processes.

We improve the speed, flexibility and collaborative nature of your Supply Chain by supporting you from consulting to the implementation of optimization solutions and their maintenance. We support you throughout the deployment process, in agile or traditional mode; we rethink the Supply Chain in a transversal way, by integrating all its business process and redistributing its governance. The SCM tools integrated by VISEO (Dynasys, Colibri, TXT Planning, Anaplan, DDS Logistics) thus cover the entire functional scope of the Supply Chain, from supplier to Customer.

The experience of complex applications, covering several geographical plates, has led us to create an operational maintenance centre (MCO), available 24/7 and dedicated to monitoring these applications. VISEO relies on the expertise of 70 certified consultants and a service centre in Morocco for the support and project part, with many specialists in the field of luxury and industry.

To achieve operational excellence, companies equip themselves with software solutions that harmonize their management processes and enable the organization to plan its activity and optimize its operation, management and accounting operations.

The latest generation of ERP solutions are today at the heart of the digitalization of the company: they constitute digital platforms, the Digital Core on which innovations are based. These new ERPs, whether through their cloud architecture, their ability to bring intelligence into the process, to accelerate and simplify management processes or to become powerful platforms, allows transformations to gain impact and serve sustainable performance.

VISEO puts at your service its historical expertise in the integration of software solutions and a very strong, recognized, and awarded proximity, with the leading players, from SAP (S/4HANA, S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business One) to Microsoft Dynamics (Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations). With a proven methodology, we make your global deployments a success. Our knowledge of mutli-clouds solutions that enhances these platforms and our complementary expertise in analytics, design, etc. ensure you get the most out of them.

The design of technological products has changed with digital technology. Considering the uncertain context faced by digital products, which address new usages and are part of new economic models, as well as the importance of offering through the product experiences, it has called for new methods very user-centric, more resilient to change and capable of reconciling desirability, viability and feasibility.

Whether it concerns functionality, experience or graphic identity, product design is crucial to the success of your digital projects. The architecture of the information, the ergonomics of the screens, the graphic identity takes a major importance so much the great champions of digital have raised the standards of experience. Applications that do not offer the best level are ignored by users. VISEO realizes product design with its UX and UI designers, by mobilizing design thinking or UX design approaches and ensures that your devices provide unforgettable experiences and sustainably engage users.

The product designers also bring out the most useful functions as close as possible to the user and his needs and test them throughout its realization, taking advantage of iterations. The upstream definition of the product's objectives and the measurement of its performance make it possible to continuously readjust its product strategy.

Today companies are faced with a huge amount of data whether they are composite or heterogeneous in nature. Collecting this data and storing it but above all understanding and get value from it is a key  to improve the decision-making process, management, and integrate the data into business processes. Companies have the ambition to move towards real-time operation or even to develop predictive capabilities.

The ability to manage a huge amount of data is based on the implementation of a solid data security, compliance and governance policy and a technological architecture that brings this information management system to life.

Our data management activity takes charge of the design, implementation and rationalization of these data architectures to cover the entire life cycle of your data and ensure their distribution or orchestration within application systems. From the implementation of ETL or ESB solutions to the management of data repositories by MDM, we help you make the most of your data in your processes, applications or analytical tools.