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Salesforce B2B Commerce, the online sales accelerator for BtoB Companies

Digitalise your sales process with the Salesforce B2B Commerce solution. Charlotte, Salesforce B2B Commerce Expert, shares some insights in this article. 

VISEO: experts in deploying the Salesforce B2B Commerce solution


Are you looking for a high-performance e-commerce solution to facilitate your customers' online purchases? Salesforce has redefined e-commerce solutions to provide you with CRM expertise and optimised order management. The editor provides e-commerce solutions to help companies effectively manage their online store and improve the customer experience. In this article, VISEO explains the advantages of the Salesforce B2B Commerce solution.


What challenges do B2B e-commerce companies face today?


The global e-commerce market is experiencing unprecedented growth. According to the latest Grand View research report, the online B2B industry was worth 6.88 million dollars in 2021*. Prospective research predicts a 19% year-on-year growth rate between 2022 and 2030.


With this increasing demand from companies, digitalising B2B processes for online sales is becoming a key issue. All B2B companies have one thing in common, they're seeking digital solutions that fit with their brand and help nurture client relationships.


In practical terms, any company that's in the process of digitalisation needs to increase its online visibility and deploy a strategy that:


- Expands its customer acquisition media by using omnichannel strategies.

- Reinforces its online purchasing service so that it is accessible at any time.


In the same way, online sales should aim to create customer loyalty by offering a personalised framework for purchases with a panel of dedicated services.


- A dedicated company area where the client can find past purchases

- Additional or promotional offers

- A range of packages and products

- Restocking of regularly ordered products

- Spare parts available in bulk or by the unit

- Automated order processing


What digitalisation solutions should B2B e-commerce implement when faced with such systemic challenges?



Salesforce B2B Commerce: the answer to the challenges of digitalization


B2B clients want to access an online purchasing system to ensure their business runs smoothly. This means platforms need a reliable technical solution.


Salesforce B2B Commerce allows companies selling to business clients to create a specially designed e-commerce website. This all-in-one solution has been crafted to meet the multiple needs of these companies.


For B2B clients this 360° solution enables:


- A new, self-service purchasing experience that can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device; 

- Daily interaction with the platform to supply the lines for points of sale, order spare parts online

- A simplified purchase process with functions designed specifically for business selling: quick restocks, management of sales agreements and personalised catalogues;

- Tailored purchasing recommendations for each client in real time without needing a data specialist.


By using Salesforce B2B Commerce, companies save time and gain efficiency in various aspects of their business.


- Taking and processing orders is quicker

- Large numbers of orders can be handled simultaneously

- Sales teams have less manual work

- The platform is connected to the CRM for a smoother experience


How can you put this strategy into place for your e-commerce business today?


VISEO: a custom support for B2B Commerce


Launching Salesforce B2B Commerce relies on 3 key elements:


- Knowing how to manage a transformation project

- Training both professionals and users

- Activating the right human levers to implement digital practices


VISEO has partnered with Salesforce since 2010. We cover all the cloud solutions offered by this software vendor. How does our support benefit you? Our Multi-cloud Salesforce expertise can offer an optimal B2B client experience.


Our Salesforce B2B Commerce support is aimed mainly at companies in the following industries:


- CPG-Retail

- Manufacturing

- Industry


What happens when VISEO’s B2B sales experts get involved?


VISEO is involved in the analysis, framework, applicative- and technical architecture phases, and also in the deployment of your B2B commerce solution.


We will create an e-commerce website package based on the standards of the Salesforce B2B Commerce solution. It will be tailored to suit the industry and the specific needs of our clients, who already have a Sales Cloud or Service Cloud platform.


This offer brings together VISEO’s omnichannel e-commerce expertise and is part of continuing Salesforce’s 360° vision. The key steps involved in our end-to-end support are: 


- Setup - the design phase: modelling the solution you’ve chosen by producing your personalised design document.

- Build - the operational phase: your solution is built as per the design.

- Go Live - the activation phase: your new platform is ready and made available to your staff.

- User training - your staff are trained on how to get the best out of the solution.



3 key points to remember:


- The digitalisation of B2B online sales processes is a challenge for any company

- Salesforce B2B Commerce will improve your customers' online shopping experience

- VISEO provides 360° Salesforce expertise and will fully implement Salesforce B2B Commerce.



Do you have an e-commerce project for your B2B customers?


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