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Oil, Gas & Utilities

The service era
For the different actors of the energy and environment sector, acquiring new clients is not only based on the product’s price but also on the service offered to individuals or professionals.

Reduction of resources, regulatory burden and strong directives, price contraction, increase of routing cost, reliability of distribution network, clients volatility… are but a few of the challenges faced by the actors of the energy and environment sector either they are new to this industry or not. As many did a few years ago, energy actors are initiating a mutation to meet the new consumers's expectations. Low prices are not enough anymore, there is a need for a quality of service that will address different criteria such as ecology, comfort, wellness…

To differentiate yourself, the key is innovation and service! 

To tackle these transformation projects, VISEO has several solutions and competencies allowing to help you with the following points:

  • Transformation or modernization of the back office with the implementation of ERP SAP or Microsoft solutions and the optimization of finance or supply chain processes
  • Implementation of business intelligence solution and Big Data
  • Definition and implementation of digital strategy
  • Conception, development and integration of digital devices in IS: Customers portal, e-commerce site BtB or BtC, development of applications
  • Consulting in Marketing and product launch
  • Internet of things (IoT)

Our objectives is to bring a new vision to this industry in order to help you create added value. Our teams are composed of experts in different key domains, and are thus able to suggest solutions that will fit your needs and requirements. 

Tell us about your project, contact us.



Schneider: Schneider has trusted VISEO with the production of a business applications portfolio related to energetic diagnosis of site and the calculation of energy savings. These applications aim to replace the Schneider consultants work, currently done mainly with different tools, with a unique and shared computing solution between the web and tablets. TMA activities will be taken over by VISEO at the delivery of the first release for several countries in the Euro Zone as well as in the US and China. Read our success story.

Gas and Electricity of Grenoble: The group handles the electric distribution network of Grenoble and Montsapey as well and the natural gas distribution network. CEG relied on VISEO for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

(Degremont) Suez Environment: The group hired VISEO for the conception of a Core SAP Business One Model, and its expansion in the entire world. Read our success story.

Intent Technologies: The group has trusted Novedia, the digital Agency of VISEO group, in order to conceive and develop a platform of digital services focused on the construction sector. This platform create a connection between an habitat and its user by giving them access to a large amount of services: supervision of equipment, energy control, service to individuals, access control and social network by proximity. For more information please visit the Intent Technology success story. 

TOTAL: Total Holding wanted to pool the taking over of the correctional and evolutive maintenance of the different mobile apps (general public and intern) to one partner. Because Total Holding is a longtime client of Novedia on the realization of mobile apps, they decided to extend their partnership so that Novedia would be able to implement a service center regarding mobility.

Eau de Paris: Eau de Paris has chosen to work with Isthma, a subsidiary of VISEO Group, for a mission of data analysis based on DeltaMetric, a patent visual exploration and data analysis platform. On the basis of the information given by remote reading and caption of distribution networks, the objective was the reliability of consumption forecast and to identify more quickly bills to control and small leaks from the network. Read our success story.