VISEO in Cebu

Our brand new offices in the Philippines
We opened our offices in Cebu in January 2017

As part of our strategy of expansion in Asia, with our opening of our Sydney office, we opened in January 2017 are brand new offices in Cebu, Philippines.

Why did we settle our new offices in Cebu, Philippines?

At Cebu, we rely on our two managers and a team of developers, working as a "Digital Squad" with our teams in Asia, for each of our clients (we started our first project in January 2017). The digital squad is a cross-functional team focused on product delivery. It is cross-channel and multi-technologies (Java, Javascript, .net) and using the agile methodology (design thinking, iterative development, sprints 'n') to implement your project in progressive steps and deliver a MVP (minimum viable project) as fast as possible!

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