Thought Leadership

Digital transformation: Towards a new Delivery Sourcing to Pay (S2P) model

By Mounaf, Delivery Manager S2P VISEO Casablanca

For more than 10 years, VISEO has been placing digital transformation at the service of the performance and efficiency of Purchasing and Finance Departments, thanks to its S2P and dematerialization solutions.



The optimization of S2P processes meets several challenges for companies:

  •     Control the purchasing process while reducing operational costs,
  •     Optimize efficiency and administrative productivity by improving the traceability of documents and exchanges,
  •     Strengthen customer/supplier relations,
  •     Homogenize transversal processes,
  •     Ensure legal compliance.

Structuring of the S2P offer within the Casablanca Service Centre (CDS)

The Service Centre (CDS) in Casablanca is the VISEO Group's pilot and reference for the Run' activities of its customers' IT systems. The structuring of a "remote" offer around S2P solutions within the CDS is therefore a matter of course in order to ensure the continuity of a strong and direct commitment to VISEO customers (responsiveness and quality of services).

With a young, dynamic and certified team on the leading solutions on the market for the digitalization of Finance and Purchasing functions, the Moroccan CDS takes up the challenge of ensuring the remote'Build' and'Run' of the various S2P projects.

With their SaaS/Cloud (Software As A Service / Cloud) architecture, S2P solutions allow to adopt this organization by operating part of the projects in Remote Delivery, thus allowing new delivery models for the projects. The team in Casablanca is integrated from the beginning of the projects and remains in contact with the AMOA teams on site to carry out all the remote configuration. The transition from a TMA project (from'Build' to'Run') is therefore much more fluid, efficient and painless!

The various certifications obtained by VISEO group and Moroccan CDS consultants from leading publishers in the market for the digitalization of Finance and Purchasing functions represent a strong point and now allows VISEO, in France and internationally, to support its customers in all phases of the project, from the specification to the configuration of platforms and to ensure the TMA of projects after the start.

Focus on the VISEO/CONCUR partnership

Concur, the leading solution in its segment, perfectly complements VISEO's expense management offers in the "business travel" segment.

As an international, ergonomic and fully mobile solution, easily deployable through its cloud architecture, CONCUR helps to strengthen internal control and ensure the regulatory compliance that our customers expect.

VISEO was already a Customer Success Partner (CSP) of COMPETITION with several projects delivered jointly to major international accounts in recent years. VISEO's intervention was essentially limited to two aspects:

  •     A business support: Through the experience of VISEO consultants on the management of "Cloud" projects (in compliance with the COMPUTER methodology), the framing, the drafting of specifications, the support of recipes as well as the change management and the adapted training.
  •     IT support: VISEO's dual expertise in Expense and SAP enables it to effectively support the platform's integration with its clients' financial back offices.

Since 2017 and thanks to the certification of its consultants, VISEO has gone from AMOA (Customer Success Partner) to Certified Implementation Partner in order to support its clients in all phases of their projects in AMOA and MOE.

The on-site consultants dedicated to the customer project will be in charge of the design, specification, process redesign, piloting and change management and the CDS Casablanca team will carry out all the configuration and deliver the final solution to the customer.




The first projects under the benevolent eye of Concur are in progress and others will follow to make this beautiful VISEO/CONCUR partnership a reality. To be continued....