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We use technology as a powerful lever for transformation and innovation.


We combine agility and complementarity of our know-how to make digital a real lever of competitiveness and performance.

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Make your success a reality on key challenges

We help you take advantage of digital opportunities, address new uses and compete with players who are changing the rules of the game.
We realize your transformation in three strategic areas to win in a digital economy:

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Connect customers

From the implementation of CRMs in e-commerce platforms, we help you reinvent your customer experience, your distribution and your offer to meet the new uses of the customers.

Digitize companies

From ERP integration to BI tool implementation, we help you make your business more resilient, agile and able to win the digital competition.
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Explore innovations

From blockchain to artificial intelligence, we help you anticipate technological leaps and methodically test the most promising technologies.



VINCI Airports partners with VISEO to roll out its global CRM on Salesforcev

VINCI Airports partners with VISEO to roll out its global CRM on Salesforce

A global Client Relationship Management system (CRM) for its BtoB activities built with Salesforce.

SEQENS Cosmetics selected VISEO to develop its ACT4s Blockchain solution

SEQENS Cosmetics selected VISEO to develop its ACT4s Blockchain solution

Development of a blockchain solution to guarantee traceability of Seqens organic cosmetic actives  


International Cookware Launches a new global E-commerce strategy with the help of VISEO and Shopify

In 2018, International Cookware, the world’s leader in glass for kitchenware, has decided to switch from its previous E-commerce platform in France and a series of rebranded international showcase websites to attract younger customers,…

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In the bustling expanse of the Asia-Pacific region, our client, a Brazilian brand of flip-flop sandals, embarked on a journey to streamline ...

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Particularly on environmental issues, VISEO strives for sustainable technology through key initiatives:  Raising Climate Awarenes...

Shaping the Asian luxury experience in 2024

It is going to be a big era for luxury retail in Asia. With the high Millennials and Gen Z populations, coupled with its robust digital econ...

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Our recent collaboration with a pioneering client marks a significant milestone in the adoption of cutting-edge technology in APAC. As ...

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VISEO’s Australian team recently had the pleasure of hosting Celine de Robillard, VISEO’s Head of Retail and Omnichannel, Asia-Pacific-Japan...