SEQENS Cosmetics selected VISEO to develop its ACT4s Blockchain solution

SEQENS Cosmetics selected VISEO to develop its ACT4s Blockchain solution

Development of a blockchain solution to guarantee traceability of Seqens organic cosmetic actives  

Seqens, global leader on Pharmaceutical synthesis and specialties ingredients, deployed a solution to trace its organic actives certified by COSMOS. This solution, called (Active Cosmetic Trust for Seqens), is based on Blockchain technology.  

A differentiating factor

In front of customer requirements for more transparency and traceability, SEQENS Cosmetics offers a unique solution, which guarantees the compliance to COSMOS referential, from the organic raw material reception up to their transformation into organic actives. This solution is a differentiating factor on cosmetic ingredients market.  

Active Cosmetic Trust for Seqens, alias ACT4S

ACT4s is the name of the platform developed by Seqens Cosmetics. It offers to track each organic-certified cosmetic active on real-time, from organic raw material reception to finished product delivery, and allows to guarantee each manufacturing step complies with COSMOS referential. COSMOS referential is a European referential for natural cosmetic.  


Practically, SEQENS clients only need to connect on the site with the product batch number, to track the journey of their organic actives and to access to related COSMOS certificate.

Blockchain: a complementary guarantee to the organic certification

The COSMOS certification is delivered by an independent competent authority and relies on regular-basis audits realized on a sample of transactions.


The blockchain offers a complementary security by covering the integrality of transactions in real-time and is preventing from altering or deleting data afterwards.  


This complementary between COSMOS certification and blockchain solution provides to the client the guarantee that his batch is certified and compliant with organic referential.

VISEO: reputed Blockchain expertise

« We have been convinced by VISEO expertise on Blockchain matter and by their capacity to industrialize the proposed blockchain solution”  explained Emily Combet, IT Project Manager & Business Partner for Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics divisions at SEQENS.


VISEO managed to translate business needs into an ergonomic solution, which covers key-steps of COSMOS referential.


The Blockchain solution is based on Microsoft Azure and counts around 10 smart contracts.

A collaborative Project

The project was leaded by operational teams who expressed their needs and concerns, and by IT teams who proposed an adapted solution.


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