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SAP Business One, the multifaceted ERP

The SAP Business One practice: Multidisciplinary ERP consultants using the latest technologies. An article by Etienne, Project Manager SAP Business One VISEO

Etienne, Project Manager SAP Business One VISEO, talks to us about the solution developed by our partner. What does it imply in terms of skills?

Since the beginning of the SAP Business One adventure, VISEO group consultants have been involved in the many evolutions of this multifaceted ERP.

A team that evolves in all types of environments

Our dedicated practice supports all types of customers targeted by SAP Business One, which offers an enrichment and a rare experience.

VSEs and start-ups appreciate the ease of acceptance of the tool and the possibility of using it "Out of the box". This type of project places the consultant at the heart of the creation of a new company, where everything is to be built.

SMEs benefit from the tool's enrichment capabilities by activating its various functionalities. During these projects, the consultants assist the managers of these SMEs in their transformation and growth, in relation to all areas of the company.

Meet different requirements

During the Carve Out of an entity, the ability to quickly implement SAP Business One convinces our customers. Following a ten-week project, the activity is sold to an operational ERP! The project team must then respond to very strong planning constraints with an inflexible start date.

Large groups use this solution to equip their subsidiaries with an SAP solution that integrates into a complex IT landscape and ensures group rules. These implementations include all the specificities of projects in large groups, confronting consultants with complex decision-making processes and specific reporting and organizational needs.

As a result of this great diversity of intervention, the SAP Business One team is confronted with the requirements of small structures, the processes of large groups and all the company's activities.

The ability to adapt to the latest technologies

The evolution of the SAP Buisness One solution, as for all ERPs, is based on technological innovations. The diversity of profiles present in our teams has enabled us to master the new features proposed, such as database change, migration from ERP to the cloud and modification of customer interfaces and developments.

The solution is now based on a "HANA" database, offering significant real-time reporting capabilities and integrated into the tool. This approach is fully in line with the trend to improve the user experience. The ERP is no longer just an input tool but becomes an interactive platform that collects, analyses, interprets and renders information in real time. The skills of the SAP HANA solution are found in several of our teams, which has enabled us to acquire and secure knowledge about this innovation.

The possibilities of adaptation also follow the latest developments with the use of HTML5 and java script, which have become reference languages. They are also widely used in the "solution" and "technology" sectors.

The SAP Business One team also supported the move from the tool to the cloud, as is the case with many other solutions such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Concur.

The SAP Business One team works with customers in a variety of industries, in structures of all sizes, and in contact with the latest technologies, thus promoting the multidisciplinary nature of employees.