Salesforce World Tour Paris 2018: the 4th industrial revolution is underway

VISEO was Platinum sponsor of the Salesforce World Tour Paris 2018    

Each year the event organised by Salesforce at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre seems to take on a little more scope and immoderation.


This Wednesday, more than 8,000 visitors gathered under the large hall, strolling through the aisles and among the partner stands. A multitude of events were dedicated to proving the power of Salesforce solutions: workshops, workshops and conferences followed one another without interruption, in an electric atmosphere.    


It is Olivier Derrien, CEO of Salesforce France, who opens the traditional Keynote with an energetic speech dedicated to federating the Trailblazers community: Trailblazers are the "pioneers" who have committed themselves in Salesforce's wake: customers, partners or integrators, they spread the good word of the software publisher throughout the world. An evangelization that hits the nail on the head, thanks to powerful marketing, which allows the Californian company to show incredible health and constantly increasing growth figures (25% of turnover over the last year of activity).

A 4th industrial revolution on which we must capitalize  

The French director of Google Cloud spoke alongside Olivier Derrien to announce the partnership between Google and Salesforce  a merger that allows the two companies, both born in and through the cloud, to produce partnerships capable of making "customers more efficient and smarter". The G Suite product now uses Salesforce via a collaborative platform deployed in real time. All these transformation projects, beyond purely technological challenges, have the merit of creating joint teams and strengthening insights within the operational.  


Salesforce's president of strategy, Alex Dayon, also spoke to recall the company's mantra: "Before being a technological revolution, the 4th industrial revolution that everyone is talking about is a data revolution, an intelligence revolution.


Today, the most listed companies are data companies that combine and cross-functionalize several technologies: AI, 3D printing to change the logistics chain, autonomous vehicles, nanotech, quantum computing, IoT... breaking silos to offer a global offer, and "making the world itself an extension of digital life" (Alex Dayon). The 4.0 revolution is the perfect interweaving of digital and real. He cites the future success stories of the Michelin connected tire, the Petit Bateau connected store, and Tesla and its famous Model 3 as examples.  


However, he points out that everything remains to be done since today, according to a study by the World Economic Forum, 59% of companies are not yet equipped for this revolution: technological capabilities are needed, but also human capabilities. Salesforce's credo is to get these technologies out of their gang to re-found them in humans.

Founding values  

These are also the founding values that are forcefully repeated: first, trust, which is becoming increasingly important, particularly with the new demands for compliance imposed by the DGMS. Then, of course, Customer Success, i.e. the immediate creation of value, innovation, with the need to "abstract from complexity" to democratize solutions.  Finally, equality: in a world where ruptures are more and more prevalent, there is a moral necessity to behave in an increasingly inclusive manner and to give opportunities. As such, the young Amanda Ouedraogo, is invited to join the stage to share her very beautiful story of reconversion, the triple jump to CRM Consultant through the program Etincelle Social Builder.  


Salesforce's commitment to humanitarian aid is also recalled with Marc Benioff's famous 1/1/1 philanthropic model, which consists of allocating 1% of capital, 1% of employees' time and 1% of Salesforce products to charities.

Offers in full expansion  

The Keynote is an opportunity for executives to recall the brand's dynamism: today Salesforce is number 1 in CRM applications and number 1 in marketing applications ahead of Adobe and Google, with a strong investment in R&D. Salesforce recently invested more than 2 billion euros in France, notably in the creation of data centers, a gesture that was welcomed by Emmanuel Macron himself.  


It is through Parker Harris, co-founder of Salesforce, that we learn two new things: the creation of an SME version of the solution, Salesforce Essentials, and the acquisition of Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, which increases the speed and agility of the platform thanks to APIs.  


These "small" ads should not make you forget Salesforce's global offer, which culminates with the Einstein application, IA embedded in the modules, which will be available in France next week.  


To demonstrate its power, the Keynote continues with two returns of experience for prestigious customers: Airbus and Gaumont Pathé Cinemas. In both cases, Salesforce's contribution has been instrumental in creating a single repository for the use of marketing, IT and all sales divisions, as well as in developing landmark marketing experiences in automated customer query processing.  


A busy day that allowed Salesforce to confirm its position as market leader while allowing its partners to showcase their offers. It was also an opportunity for VISEO to establish its partnership, notably via feedback on our Salesforce integration for the French company Cisbio, specialized in in vitro diagnostics. A project to completely overhaul CRM, for international deployment, which was successfully carried out by our teams. We even had the opportunity to talk with Parker Harris, who was surprisingly close. See you next year! 


VISEO au Salesforce Paris