Sephora choisit VISEO pour la création de son chatbot Ora

Sephora decided to partner with VISEO for its chatbot Ora

A chatbot that combines customer service and beauty tips

For more than a year VISEO has been working with Sepohra on its conversational services strategy to create more personalized, natural and situation-appropriate experiences for their clients.


Following their successful collaboration on the first Google Home specific project in Franceor more recently on Google Nest Hub, the cosmetic brand decided to renew its trust in VISEO’s innovation team who is very highly regarded for its work on conversational assistants. The new project focuses on developing a virtual beauty coach and all of the challenges that this ambitious project entails.

Ora, Sephora's virtual beauty coach

Ora is a chatbot dedicated to millennials and accessible on Sephora France’s Facebook page (18 million followers) and Messenger. Available 24/7, the chatbot can answer a wide variety of questions about frequent shopper points, product availability, order tracking and more. It also suggests personalized content such as news stories, the latest trends or beauty coaching via tutorial videos and tips.


To ensure that what it offers up is relevant to users, the chatbot plugs into Sephora’s information system and uses AI building blocks. Part of this includes a link to the Salesforce customer service platform, Service Cloud, which provides an option to pass customers along to a human when necessary.

Almost instantaneous automation

In just a few weeks the conversational assistant’s impact was already measurable – more than 20% of all client requests were successfully handled by the chatbot. After designing developing and integrating Ora, VISEO continues its partnership with Sephora by analyzing and profiling client requests for constant improvement.


VISEO works with businesses to create chatbots and vocal assistants, from personality and conversation design through development thanks to VISEO Bot Maker,  VISEO’s open source platform. Over the last year, VISEO has completed more than 30 industrial projects for clients form a wide range of sectors including, but not limited to, energy, retail and distribution, luxury, hotels, bulk consumer market, etc.).


Sepphora Ora


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