Engie by VISEO

VISEO supports ENGIE's chatbot

The VISEO innovation teams supported the French industrial energy group in the design of its voice assistant.

Voice assistants are faster than we are

With the rise of connected objects dedicated to home automation connected to voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa, we forget the mechanics of everyday gestures and enjoy this new comfort, without effort.

No more switches and remote controls. No need to watch the TV program on the Internet, or even look out the window to see the weather: voice assistants are faster than us.

ENGIE, the first energy supplier in France to offer a voice assistant

No longer do you have to wait for your electricity bill to track your consumption. Since the beginning of June, ENGIE has become the first energy supplier in France to offer a voice assistant and offers the possibility to its Linky customers who have the Elec Week-End offer to monitor their consumption every week to avoid salty notes.

ENGIE's voice assistant on Google Home and Google Assistant offers help to the user in the event of a power outage and also offers a quiz to raise users' awareness of the energy world.

Designed with the help of VISEO

This project, supported by VISEO on functional aspects and in particular on conversational and vocal design, promises to open the way to other usecases allowing the user to interact directly with his environment in a more ambient, intuitive and especially more natural way.

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