International Cookware Launches a new global E-commerce strategy with the help of VISEO and Shopify

In 2018, International Cookware, the world’s leader in glass for kitchenware, has decided to switch from its previous E-commerce platform in France and a series of rebranded international showcase websites to attract younger customers, improve the product catalogue’s user experience and create a strong focus on brand content such as recipes and tips.

The French store has been successfully deployed, and the international websites launched one by one in UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland and the Arab Emirates.Thanks to Shopify, these websites can easily be switched to transactional e-commerce sites by changing a few settings and interfacing with the backend.


The international brand has shared its experience working with VISEO on this project to develop a global e-commerce strategy.

A new e-store designed to attract younger customers and streamline internal processes

- Following VISEO’s advice, International Cookware’s brand team built the new e-commerce using Shopify for the following reasons:

- Simplicity: Shopify takes care of maintenance on this cloud-based solution

- Design: The look and feel of Shopify templates are contemporary, meeting rebranding design requirements

- Easy daily management: The back end is user-friendly

- Scalability: Thanks to APIs, Shopify integrates easily with other backend interfaces that manage logistics and inventories


In addition to added-value content, the new French e-store includes a full catalogue of products, web exclusivities, delivery in France and Belgium.

For the staff managing the site, it synchronizes with marketplaces and interfaces with the ERP.


Features in the back-office make it easier for staff to manage and automate orders and gives more autonomy to country managers to manage their own websites by updating the catalogue and integrating recipes and blog posts.


The project included 8 clone showcase websites in 5 different languages that feature the full catalogue and added-value content.


VISEO helped us integrate a platform that fit all our needs and gave us the flexibility to create a website that matched our brand identity”, says Lina Benjelloun, Digital & E-commerce Project Manager at International Cookware.


International Cookware is the world’s leading manufacturer of glass ovenware. The brand creates kitchenware that focuses on customer needs and usages (prepare, cook, store, serve, transport). International Cookware is constantly innovating in glassware, but also in aluminium, stainless steel, other metals and ceramics.

An across-the-globe collaboration between France and Singapore

International Cookware teams and VISEO’s delivery manager were located in France, while the UX/UI design, development team and proxy product owner, were in Singapore.


This setup required organizing remote discovery workshops, meetings and product reviews, in English. This dynamic was nothing new for International Cookware, a company dispatched between two different locations in France, and teams in Europe and beyond.


Despite the distance, the International Cookware and VISEO teams collaborated very closely over a six-month period. At first, this required some adjustments to enhance the trust that could not be built naturally through proximity. The time difference was almost an advantage as it allowed the teams in France to test what had been done earlier in Singapore.


Even at such a distance, the VISEO Asia team did a tremendous job in guiding and training us on all of Shopify’s features.”


For VISEO, it was the second e-commerce project they successfully developed remotely between Paris and Singapore.


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