VISEO Latin America:  

the technology partner for building the digital enterprise of the future   


At VISEO, we have been working in Latin America for nearly 15 years with centralized operations in the Caribbean and Central America. In recent years, we have implemented a diversification and expansion strategy in the region, which has allowed us to grow in countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Guatemala and Colombia. 


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What is the formula for success behind VISEO Latin America? 

At VISEO, we bring together our experience and capabilities with our international customers in Europe, together with our understanding of Latin American customs, our local presence and an adjustment of economies of scale. To this we add the common link between Latin America and Spain, under a common language and a Latin culture. The result of all this makes us a trusted technology partner that allows us to accompany companies on their journey towards digital transformation.  


We have already helped many companies in different sectors move forward in their digitization processes. For example:  


  • In the financial sector we have customers in the Dominican Republic such as Banco BHD León, Banco Popular and Banco de Reservas, and in Costa Rica we have BAC Credomatic.  



  • We also work in sectors such as the automotive industry with customers including SKBERGÉ and its implementation in Peru, Chile and Colombia; and the company Renting Colombia. 


  • In addition, we have retail projects such as Hites in Chile, FERCO in Guatemala and Chic Parisien in Uruguay; as well as Vallen and Rayhsa in Mexico.  



VISEO – Salesforce partner since 2010 

As a multi-manufacturer consultant, we collaborate, among other things, with the main partners in the market: Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Anaplan, etc. In this way, we can adapt to any business need. And we do this by addressing the local idiosyncrasies. We adapt to the ways of working, the understanding and methodologies of each region. 


Specifically, at VISEO we have been partners of Salesforce for more than ten years. For us, Salesforce is a fundamental pillar where we establish our proximity projects; we have a customer-centric vision with which we help our customers develop the routes to get closer to their own customers and consumers.   


We are a multi-cloud partner, launching sales, service or marketing projects and more innovative initiatives that include specialized clouds such as MuleSoft and Commerce Cloud. Furthermore, we are establishing cutting-edge solutions such as marketplacesvertical accelerators and initiatives that highlight our knowledge of the industry in conjunction with Salesforce technology.    


Moving forward towards the digital future is a priority for all Latin American companies. At VISEO, we can help you accelerate your transformation with efficiency and agility.   


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