Salesforce Commerce Cloud by VISEO

VISEO supports a major global player in the perfume and cosmetics industry with Salesforce

VISEO supports a major global player in the perfume and cosmetics industry to build a Salesforce Commerce Cloud multi-brand core model. 


Our teams were selected to build a Salesforce Commerce Cloud multi-brand core model to accelerate the development of their sites as a major global player in perfumes and cosmetics. 

A Salesforce Commerce Cloud core model adapted to several of the group's brands  

The construction of the core model consisted of our teams developing transactional sites with the specific front-end, functional features of the group's brands. 


In particular, the teams integrated the loyalty programs. 


With the skills acquired, the client teams then adapted this core model for their other brands. 

An international challenge for VISEO 

Our teams in Casablanca, Paris, and Asia worked together to build the core model and adapt it to three of the group's brands. 


More concretely, the core model was adapted to meet the needs of each of the brands via different systems: 


- VISEO sent a product owner from Paris to Singapore to work with the teams of the first brand. 

- The teams in Paris and Morocco opted for a 'build and run' system on-site in Paris for the second brand. 

- Finally, an initial system was developed on-site in Paris for the third brand, which was then rolled out by our teams in Casablanca and Paris for the brand in China, Japan, and France. 


The collaboration began in 2019 and continues to this day.  

Why choose VISEO and Salesforce Commerce Cloud?  

VISEO is capable of setting up your new e-commerce platform and integrate it into an existing customer ecosystem.   

We guide our clients from the initial reflection on the graphic charter of their site to the international deployment of their e-commerce and omnichannel activities.

As a SALESFORCE COMMERCE CLOUD partner since 2016, we can implement a compelling e-commerce website platform:  

- Commerce Cloud now manages more than 2,700 websites in more than 50 countries


-  The brands that use Salesforce Commerce Cloud are growing at twice the rate of the industry as a whole


-  The brands that use Commerce Cloud achieve 40-60% higher conversion rates than those with older platforms


-  Commerce Cloud enables more than $16 billion worth of merchandise to be sold online each year


-  Commerce Cloud is recognized as the market leader by Gartner and Forrester

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