VISEO helps L'Oréal implement SAP

VISEO helps L'Oréal implement SAP


SAP Business One, the global solution for subsidiaries, helps unite entire companies.

L’Oréal has used my SAP Business Suite solutions to run its headquarters' business for many years, but its smaller subsidiaries had no consistency in their business software systems. Now L’Oréal has identified the ideal solution for its smaller subsidiaries – the SAP Business One solution. By the time rollout is complete, the subsidiaries in nearly 40 countries will enjoy a standard solution.


We found that SAP Business One is clearly the right solution for a large mySAP Business Suite user like L’Oréal that has many smaller subsidiaries” says Phillippe Cayla, project leader for L’Oréal. 


L’Oréal found that SAP Business One is just right for their smaller subsidiaries, for the following 6 reasons:

  1. SAP Business One is easy for them to learn, use, and administer.
  2. SAP Business One has just the right level of functionality for their targeted subsidiaries.
  3. SAP Business One has strong customization capabilities and full multicountry localization out of the box.
  4. SAP Business One is affordable for a subsidiary’s needs.
  5. SAP Business One can be rapidly rolled out and implemented.
  6. Subsidiaries that outgrow SAP Business One in the future will be positioned to easily migrate to mySAP Business Suite.


L’Oréal found that implementation of the full breadth of SAP Business One functionality took a short time, following the methodology of L’Oréal and including core system training.


L’Oréal is experiencing many benefits at the headquarters level by standardizing on SAP Business One throughout the enterprise, as follows:

  • The company developed and used a single deployment template for implementing and training all subsidiaries.
  • New tools and procedures are developed just once and can then be easily deployed everywhere.
  • Reports have standard formats no matter where they come from, saving costs and improving efficiency.


SAP is providing the same outstanding support for SAP Business One that we’ve come to expect with mySAP Business Suite” Cayla concludes. “SAP Business One is delivering us a substantial advantage. We definitely made the right decision by choosing it.


The SAP® Business One solution is the ideal business software for the smaller subsidiaries of large enterprises that use the mySAP™ Business Suite family of business solutions. Preconfigured integration content lets these two solutions – and your entire company – seamlessly exchange information and improve controls and efficiency across the enterprise.


Together they comprise a single enterprise wide solution from SAP that fulfills all your business software requirements, as follows:

  • Consistency in headquarters communications
  • Improved productivity and efficiency throughout the organization
  • Top-quality, unified, comprehensive support anywhere in the world
  • The very best in business software everywhere in the enterprise


SAP Business One is a perfect fit for your smaller subsidiaries, thanks to the following benefits:

  • Simple yet powerful, with all functionality needed forgroups of 10 to 250 employees
  • Affordable for fast return on investment
  • Easy to learn, use, and administer
  • Flexible for extensive configuration
  • Available in 14 languages and nearly 40 countries


Deploying SAP Business One in subsidiaries is fast and cost-effective for the following reasons:

  • Short training for users, with minimal involvement of an IT staff.
  • A single deployment scenario, using one global template, covers SAP Business One installation, customization, integration, and training.
  • Deployment is completed in weeks, not months.


SAP Business One and mySAP Business Suite – a complete solution from SAP, the world’s foremost supplier of business software solutions.


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