Hohing Industries: ERP modernization

Hohing Industries: ERP modernization


The VISEO's Hong Kong team was asked to help Hohing Industries modernize its ERP

How VISEO Hong Kong helped the merchant implement its SAP Business One solution. Founded in 1987 by a French and a Taiwanese, Hohing Industries is a company which was originally specialized in trade in Asia. Since 1995, its activity has expanded to the development of an industrial subcontracting hub. With headquarters located in Hong Kong, Hohing stands on a strategic location to oversee the entire Asian region and to offer its clients tailor-made answers and services.


Thanks to its lasting experience on this territory, Hohing relies on a strong and competitive network of partners. Hence, its clients can benefit from a high level of service, quality and rates.

A global player

Hohing's European heritage is also a strong insurance for its clients. Furthermore, thanks to its local collaborators, the company has a great knowledge of each Asian country's cultural and industrial specificities. A positioning and a set of skills that give Hohing the capacity to better understand and answer an international demand.


As a company that constantly seeks to look for new developments and to offer an additional service to its clients, Hohing recently opened a special department dedicated to company gifts.


As part of its growth, Hohing was looking for a new ERP to replace its obsolete system that wasn't fitting its current needs anymore. Richard Delamarre says that "the previous ERP was integrated with the central functions of our business. Yet, since its implementation, the latter has evolved and has become more complex, involving the need for a practice modernization, but also for a larger integration of our procedures: accounting, estimation, order tracking, reporting, etc.). SAP helped us go to the next level."

SAP Business One, a wise decision

Hohing chose to implement SAP Business One, SAP's solution dedicated to SME and major accounts’ subsidiaries.


Richard Delamarre explains his choice: "One of our major fears was the risk that our users would reject this new ERP. The first major criteria for us in the choice of a new ERP was the ergonomics and rapidity of the teams' skill improvement. The SAP interface immediately appeared user-friendly and intuitive. This choice was wise and won the favor of our teams, as a powerful and easy-to-use tool. The second important criteria was the continuity of the solution and of its services. To that matter, the choice of solid partners like SAP and VISEO was reassuring for us.”


Today, SAP Business One is a solution that not only assists Hohing but also improves its customer service. "We have a better monitoring of our business and of the real-time situation of all our shipments; these pieces of information are now automatically communicated to our customers, which improve our level of quality of service”, admits Richard Delamarre.


This new ERP has been warmly welcomed by Hohing’s partners who can now benefit from increased reporting possibilities in order to track their orders. Just two months after the Go Live of SAP Business One, Hohing was already able to send its first reports and received positive feedback from both its customers and suppliers.

VISEO, a partner all along

To implement this project, Hohing turned to VISEO in Hong Kong"Our dedicated VISEO consultant was very experienced and perfectly fitted within our team. For us, small company, it is important to have a good impression and full confidence in this person", confirms Jean Marie, sales director at Hohing.


Hohing was also convinced by the local presence of French consultants in Hong Kong as well as in Asia. The fact that both companies were French was the last element to set the balance in favor of VISEO & SAP Business One. As Jean Marie explains, "as we can communicate in French, we avoid any misunderstanding due to a missed translation and we share the same way of seeing things".


At last, VISEO was able to fully understand Hohing’s requirements and totally invested itself into the project. "They quickly understood what we are doing here as well as our business model; they provided solutions that were adapted to us, says Jean Marie. Hence, SAP Business One was implemented within four months thanks to a complete involvement of both Hohing and VISEO teams".

Looking Forward

Now that all major functions are fully understood by every collaborator, Hohing plans to increase the scope in order for its system to benefit from SAP Business One as much as possible.


"We are constantly looking for new ideas and ways of improvement. We now have the tool that allow us to go forward and increase our value by providing new services. This solid base is helping us focus on core activities, have a better visibility, make more adapted decisions at each stage of our evolution, thanks to the analysis we can extract from this solution", confirms Richard Delamarre.


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