Vicinity Centres solves casual leasing challenges with VISEO and Salesforce

Vicinity Centres solves casual leasing challenges with VISEO and Salesforce


One of Australia’s leading retail real estate companies, Vicinity Centres (Vicinity), is at the forefront of creating unique, relevant community experiences to attract shoppers and build lasting relationships. Vicinity manages more than 60 shopping centres across the country, including seven DFO factory outlet centres, and Chadstone — The Fashion Capital, Australia’s largest retail destination with more than 550 stores and millions of annual visitors. And as the industry evolves, so do Vicinity Centre’s business challenges. 

Manual processes have increasingly burdened Vicinity and their retailers, especially in the area of casual leasing. Looking forward, the company wanted to venture further into mixed-use property development, while creating new value from existing assets with measures like ‘pop-up’ retail and optimising the efficiency of media sales.


Partnering with VISEO to streamline sales and bookings


Vicinity turned to VISEO to implement a Salesforce solution to streamline the sales and booking of pop-up spaces. Working through the pandemic necessitated an entirely remote method of delivery, which added to the challenge of delivering the project, but the VISEO team was up to the task.


Throughout the project, VISEO worked closely with Vicinity to understand their existing system limitations and operational challenges, before envisioning an optimal future state where these hurdles had been overcome. With this vision, VISEO designed the solution that would enable the brand-new Vicinity experience.


“What we wanted to do was provide teams with an experience where they could do everything inside one system, including quoting, booking, and invoicing,” said David Harry, Senior Manager Core Systems, Vicinity Centres.     


Benefits of a fully integrated sales and booking system


This initiative has improved the experience of employees and retail partners, created significant operational and media sales efficiencies through automation, and removed hours of manual effort.


Pop up leasing and media sales are now managed end-to-end in the Salesforce solution delivered by VISEO, with sales representatives capturing all the details required to complete bookings. This includes bookings for both pop-ups and temporary retail spaces, as well as bookings for advertising spaces within Vicinity’s centres. Additionally, the solution’s dashboards provide leasing executives with up-to-the minute insights that help them focus on what’s important – so they can take action on material items.


What’s more, Vicinity’s reservation management process is fully integrated with Vicinity’s ERP, streamlining and reducing errors in bookings, invoicing, billing and payment reconciliation. As a result, Vicinity now achieves automated payment reconciliation matching of over 80%, and sees annual time savings of more than 500 hours.


The solution also seamlessly integrates Conga Composer and Adobe Sign to generate media sales quotes, pop-up leasing agreements, as well as gather electronic signatures. This has reduced turnaround times and enhanced the experience of retailers – who can now spend less time on manual work like printing and scanning, and dedicate more energy to improving their stores and customer experiences.


The automated reporting ensures the pop-up leasing team no longer needs to spend hours each week compiling spreadsheets with tenant changes. The automation of this process alone is expected to save more than 1,000 hours annually.


As for media sales, Vicinity’s media sales team reports a 60% increase in efficiency since VISEO stepped in.


“Working in an industry that’s undergoing significant change, we have a strong focus on process efficiency and cost optimisation and the Salesforce solution delivered by VISEO is helping us deliver on both of those priorities,” said Ian Padgham General Manager Technology Services, Vicinity Centres. “It has brought a lot of digital automation into this area of the business, allowing us to create enhanced value for our customers and partners.”


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