Salesforce CRM by VISEO

VISEO deliver enhanced Salesforce solution to leading wealth management firm to drive revenue growth & efficiency


VISEO’s client is Australia’s leading independent specialist trustee company providing Superannuation Services, Trustee and Wealth Services and Corporate Trustee Services to its customers.

VISEO to undertake a review of its existing Salesforce solution and propose a strategic CRM roadmap

Consistent with its strategy to become more client, partner and employee centric, the client commissioned VISEO to undertake a review of its existing Salesforce solution and propose a strategic CRM roadmap that addressed existing limitations and delivered renewed business value through improved and more meaningful and valuable engagement with clients, partners and other key stakeholders. Specifically, the solution needed to be enhanced to support business division strategic initiatives and, from an organisational perspective, enable:


- Targeted client & services growth;

- Improved service delivery;

- Improved partner engagement;

- Increased operating efficiency; and

- Improved planning effectiveness.


VISEO reset the CRM foundation by improving data quality and refactoring baseline capability in accordance with recognised Salesforce best practices. The solution:


- Introduced new digital fact find process for the organisation’s Estate Planning division;

- Introduced an SLA management tool for the Trustee to manage all customer SLAs; 

- Eliminated operational silos by surfacing all key client and stakeholder relationship information uniformly and consistently across the organisation from a single, authoritative location;

- Provided trusted, up-to-date client information by integrating with key systems of record across the organisation; 

- Instantiated the central point of truth for managing interactions with clients, partners and other stakeholders; 

- Simplified use and efficiency in recording client interactions and activities;

- Underpinned cross-sell opportunities;

- Increased visibility, transparency, measurability and reportability of client-related activity and interactions, including business development activity, and pipeline performance;

- Enriched the working lives of staff through improved user experience and remote access to customer data.


VISEO's solution has allowed the organisation to achieve:

- 4.6% revenue increase through the support of growth and cross-sell initiatives
- 12.7% increase in profit through increased efficiencies and reduction of data duplication
- 16% increase in NPS through improved ability to service clients digitally
- 3% increase in employee engagement via improved internal user experience

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