Pikit by VISEO

VISEO supports Carrefour on Pikit

Carrefour relied on VISEO for the creation of the Hub, the platform linking the remote and the Pikit application

In 2016, Carrefour is going to be modernising the way in which its customers manage their shopping lists with Pikit, a clever new connected service launched in February 2016 and designed to make using its Drive outlets simpler and faster.


With this WiFi and bluetooth connected object, you can scan products' barcodes, dictate shopping lists using the integrated microphone or compile a list of what you need without the risk of forgetting anything. Items are directly added to your shopping bag that you can later pick up at the Drive. Before you confirm your order, you can have a look at your list and add, delete or even select similar products. All of this without moving from the comfort of your household.


A whole new approach for the retailer bringing numerous benefits: with PIKIT, customers spend an average of two thirds less time on shopping. And they have more freedom too - they shop when they need to or whenever they feel like it, bringing together the online and off-line experience in the form of a multichannel device.


For the construction of Pikit, Carrefour relied on VISEO for the hub part. The hub is the platform linking the object with the application and the related data. It exhanges with Carrefour's template engine that manages Pikit. "We picked VISEO for the proposition made by the team during the consultations that was matching Carrefour's expectations on this project", says Guillaume Montagnon, in charge of this project at Carrefour.

Manage important volumes of data in real time

"We built a most valuable product (MVP); that is a useful product with a lasting and solid base in its first version, tells Olivier Lefaucheux, executive director at VISEO, in charge of this project at VISEO. They chose us because above all we have a good understanding of this technology, with a data oriented architecture that gives us the capacity to manage important volumes of data in real time."


One of IoT's major characterictics indeed is to generate a lot of data that must be dealt with in real time. For Pikit, regarding the scanner part, the maximum waiting time expected by the average user is approximatively one second. "We talk about near-real time here, Olivier Lefaucheux specifies. Our hub matches this expectation".


The second criteria that led to the choice of VISEO was its methodology; namely deliver a product on time. "We achieved this project under a tight timeline, between March 2015 and October 2015, in accordance with a time to market constraint, thanks to an agile methode (scrum) that we perfectly master", explains Olivier Lefaucheux.

Pikit, the new connected remote by the French major retailer

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