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VISEO launches one of the first applications on Goole Nest Hub: Professor Draw

Boulogne-Billancourt, May 27, 2019 - VISEO, a global IT consulting firm specializing in supporting its customers in their digital transformation, announces the publication of one of the first applications available on Google's new device combining voice and screen, the Google Nest Hub.


Smart display Nest Hub (former Google Home Hub) launched by Google in 2018 is now available in France and in a dozen countries. To mark the release of this new device combining a speaker and a screen, VISEO developed an application called Professor Draw.  


Professor Draw enables the user to learn how to draw specific models based on vocal direction and animated images. Professor Draw proposes various models: the user can select one model and then follow step by step the instructions given by Professor Draw. Professor Draw will give some tips to the user while showing on the screen how to do. In a few steps, the user can learn how to draw simple but sophisticated and adorable animals. VISEO has planned to provide the application with more models of different styles to expand the range of choices for both kids and adults.  


The screen paired to the speaker increases the affordance effect and offer the opportunity to create applications based on the concept of learning by model imitation, where entertainment is no more passively consumed and enables the user to master a creation tool. This new kind of digital service is a first step towards a more ambient, less oppressive digital. The interface becomes the conversation and transforms the relationship with the machine into a more humane, peaceful and, above all, more creative relationship. 


The application is also available in French under the name “Maître Gribouille”. To start the experience in English, the user can invoke “Hey Google, talk to Professor Draw” and “Ok Google, parler à Maître Gribouille” in French. Professor Draw is not only available on Nest Hub but also on all the devices that support Google Assistant like the last Lenovo Smart Display, and on smartphones for those who like a mobile experience or who are waiting for the release of the Nest Hub Max.  


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