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VISEO launches Data eXploration Lab (DXLab)

Enabling companies to launch their data science project

Evaluating the feasibility of a Big Data / Data Science project is now possible with our DXLab offering. Decideo talks about it.

Designed by the VISEO Data Science teams, the DATA eXploration Lab (DXLab) offer enables companies to evaluate the feasibility of a Big Data / Data Science project on both economic and technical aspects.


This offer is born of an implacable conclusion, for all studies conducted on the subject are converging: 90% of Big Data / Data Science initiatives do not succeed and do not go into operational phase,  or are a source of frustration, for their lack of a convincing return on investment.


The causes are variable. Among the most critical ones are: the quality and completeness of the data, the lack of skills, the poor choice of tools and infrastructures, and the absence of an economic vision that makes the project quickly obsolete.


"Like during the gold rush, all the nuggets do not always lead to veins. Many initiatives will remain at the gold panning state and only few will have the opportunity to mine. The DXLab is a way to ensure, upstream and before launching significant human and technical investments, the viability of the project over time, "says Yves Cointrelle, Director of Strategy and Data/AI Development for VISEO.


The DATA eXploration Lab offer allows, in a short five-week phase, to validate prerequisites such as the quality of the subject (use case), the validation of its objectives, the budget to be provided, the quality of the data, the skills to implement, internal organization or technology to use to deploy the project into production. The exploratory analysis is carried out in an agile method in the form of a sprint, the DXLab is hosted in a cloud, the data are anonymized if need be, a Data Enginer / Data Scientist binomial is mobilized for each use case. At the end of Sprint VISEO provides an audit report with recommendations as to the feasibility and potential gain of the initiative.

Who is this offer for?

- Any company wishing to explore the potential of its data but does not know or does not have the technical and human resources to start the subject.

- Companies already engaged in an approach but anxious to validate upstream the relevance of an investment.

A posteriori if the conditions are met for its success, VISEO can accompany the rest of the project in outsourced mode or coaching the client in its skill improvement.

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