Smart Factory Accelerator Offer by VISEO

Smart Factory Accelerator

The Smart Factory accelerator is a VISEO offer to help you implement your industrial IOT platform in 3 months.
Offre Smart Factory by VISEO

The Smart Factory is an intelligent factory with a highly interconnected supply chain (digital supply network) to leverage the benefits offered by the Internet of Things, AI, and data analytics. 

The Smart Factory Accelerator solution

VISEO can support you in a very pragmatic way, from defining your business cases to implementing your IOT platform and its operation.

This is why VISEO offers you its Smart Factory Accelerator to install this Industry 4.0 in three months, in a production plant or in a Lab.

The VISEO project methodology

Our project management methodology starts with sharing the strategic vision with the decision-makers of your company, before starting the functional Proof of Value stages, then the technical Proof of Concept, and finishing with the prototyping and deployment of the technical base and the environment.

With this offer, you will be able to see the performance levels of your production sites from any location, receive alerts, and act in real time.

The VISEO project methodology
Offre Smart Factory by VISEO

Benefits of Smart Factory accelerator

With the Smart Factory accelerator, the companies benefit from a solution that enables them to develop autonomous, more flexible, more efficient and more communicative factories. 

Our customers have gained many tangible benefits: 

Improved planning

Operational efficiency

Better predictability

Decrease in inventory

Improvement in the quality

Predictive maintenance


Why VISEO ? 

With our four years of experience in industrial IoT, a dedicated team of more than 60 experts, and our strategic partnerships, VISEO brings you concrete results within three months thanks to its Smart Factory Accelerator offer! 

We have the knowledge, the experts and the methodology to ensure the success of your project. 

Offre Smart Factory by VISEO


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