Partenaire by VISEO

Because the technological environment of companies today is becoming a criterion of instability and change, digital is becoming increasingly important in competitive advantage. VISEO's long-standing partnership with SAP enables our customers to jointly access the know-how of the global enterprise software publisher and our expertise, which is crucial to their implementation and management in a given business environment.


SAP is today a true digital enabler of companies: the SAP digital core is indeed the solution at the heart of the digital enterprise, accompanied by a complete suite and a capacity for innovation constantly renewed by a decisive experience in embedded technologies and data science. VISEO, as a digital maker, produces all the operational expertise that will frame SAP's technological and application know-how: we give its true value to SAP's digital core, in particular thanks to a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to explore this subject in all its dimensions. 


From ideation, design thinking, to TMA and integrated solutions support, from the front to the back, VISEO is now able to accompany an SAP project throughout its scope. For nearly 20 years, our experts, today nearly 1000, ensure the success of these transformation projects in many sectors :

- Logistics, production, maintenance and sales

- Finance, Controlling - Business Intelligence

- Technical - BC part, mobile applications such as Fiori

- SAP Business One 


Several prestigious references testify to our know-how: L'Occitane, Berluti, L'Oréal, Yves Saint Laurent and Ingenico have called on us to manage their projects and lead them towards operational excellence. Thanks to this Gold partnership with SAP, VISEO has the ambition to address all the themes of the digital ready company.