Saint-Domingue by VISEO

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

C/Luis F. Thomen, 110 Torre Ejecutiva Gapo. Suite 312 Evaristo Morales Santo Domingo. Distrito Nacional República Dominicana

Birchman Spain (a VISEO Group company) meets the needs of clients in all sectors with an independent and professional expertise, key partnerships with major software vendors (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce), the ability to build tailor-made solutions aligned with business challenges, and always deliver tangible value. BIRCHMAN is also a Spanish leader in cloud Human Capital Management solutions via its affiliated company DTM.


In early 2018, VISEO and Birchman Spain announced their merger to strengthen their international digital transformation offering. It reinforces the ability of both companies to succeed in deploying large-scale digital projects worldwide and completes the range of services offered on major technological platforms.

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