Run SAP in the Cloud

Run SAP in the Cloud

Modernizing SAP systems is a top priority for many organizations. Discover our SAP Cloud managed services offer !

Modernizing SAP systems is a top priority for many organizations. Many reasons might be driving this decision such as the need to become more resilient or data driven. SAP migration and modernization is no simple task. You have severable options available to you when choosing where and how to run your SAP applications.

With the help of an expert, you will understand what the benefits and the risks are to run your applications in the cloud, how to avoid pitfalls and truly how to best leverage this new architecture.


Our offer

The cloud is an ecosystem that completely redefines the architecture and delivery of technological infrastructure and applications. It therefore requires new management methods operating on the basis of scalability, elasticity and automation. Each company needs a customized scenario that depends on the following factors:

  • Starting point and technological maturity.
  • The business's critical applications and processes.
  • Your medium- and long-term ambitions.

Cloud managed services adoption increases in line with a company's maturity, going from an IaaS to a PaaS or SaaS model. 

One of the main barriers to 'full' or efficient adoption lies in properly understanding the capabilities and value that the cloud provides for businesses. 

Today, the three main public cloud players - Microsoft, Amazon and Google - offer a virtually infinite range of services. This range, moreover, is expanding and becoming more sophisticated as the technology itself evolves. Therefore, cloud management - configuration, setting up and optimization - requires highly specialized know-how that in-house technology teams usually lack. 

When defining your cloud strategy, it is essential to choose a specialized partner to prepare a comprehensive migration and operation plan. One of their key tasks is to select the right - and fully customized - types of cloud services to suit your company's technological environment.


  • Optimize costs usage

Thanks to our rightshore approach and our various Centers of Excellence (Cebu, Granada, Casablanca, Morlaix), we can offer a quality service at the best price.  
Cloud also allows your company to benefit from a budget adapted to its needs, both on architecture and SLA.

  • Work with a single end-to-end partner

With VISEO, benefit from a one-stop shop for your technical support needs, Application Managed Services on all SAP modules, as well as dual SAP and Microsoft Azure expertise.

  • Maximize the potential of Cloud

Our team gathers highly certified SAP consultants, able to assist on a Digital Core / ERP dimension, brownfield, bluefield, greenfield Move to S/4HANA, as well as on additional business dimensions. 
VISEO also assists you in transforming ideas into concrete innovations with a proven methodology by combining SAP solutions and Cloud services. 

  • Secure journey to the Cloud

VISEO is a historical partner of SAP and hyperscalers and recognized for its ERP rollout capabilities.
VISEO can quickly deploy a Cloud infrastructure with its proven "Move 2 Cloud" method including industrialized testing, tools for the tasks’ automation and control of infrastructure and flows and ensuring total commitment throughout the project.


Our methodology

VISEO is committed to a three-step strategy:



An assessment to determine which infrastructure elements and customer applications can be moved to the cloud.
Migration milestones

Migration milestones

Based on its clients' priorities, VISEO defines the migration milestones. Availability, scalability and security are guaranteed at all times with transparency.


VISEO manages, scales, and operates the migrated elements through a cloud managed services strategy.

Why working with VISEO ?

VISEO provides a proven model to deliver the best service by relying on :

  • Our teams have a dual expertise SAP + Cloud
  • Our teams are organized to provide services 24/7 (monitoring, AMS, outsourcing)
  • Our global presence to support you in your geographical expansion
  • Our service centers to optimize your costs and guarantee continuity of service without compromising on quality and with flexibility on your needs over time
  • Our organization allowing us to have a single contact for our customers speaking the same language
  • Our extensive knowledge of the range of cloud services and our multi-technology expertise provides our clients with reassurance that the implementation will be seamless and guarantee full business continuity. 
  • With our working methods, we can implement a full migration strategy, from start to finish, with a single team and a single project leader. 


Let's talk about your projects, our teams are at your disposal