VISEO accompagne le groupe Tridem Pharma sur un projet BI

VISEO supports the Tridem Pharma group on a BI project

VISEO supported the TRIDEM PHARMA group in the implementation of its first Business Intelligence project. Within the scope of its SAP ERP data, the objective was to facilitate and make reliable access to complex data. Christelle Malaval and Axel Taieb, VISEO BI Consultants in Toulouse, share their experience with us.

The Data Warehouse, a new necessity for companies

The TRIDEM PHARMA group has specialized since 1986 in the distribution of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products in Africa, its sales target in 2017 is 97 M€. The group wanted to set up a Data Warehouse based on his SAP data, in order to control both the form and the content of his reports, which the reports directly from SAP do not allow him to do. Now business users have easy and fast access to reliable data, and use it for their own needs or for distribution to their pharmaceutical laboratory customers.

Yoann gives us his point of view on the project:

"I particularly appreciated the working method proposed by VISEO, as I had just joined the group and I needed to familiarise myself with the company's information system and working methods.

So we have progressed together, and with this new knowledge we have been able to meet the needs of our employees.

This project is key for society. Its aim is to optimise working conditions, the performance of analyses and therefore decision-making. Within the framework of our collaboration with the laboratories, we provide them with piloting data (sales, stock status...). The objective is therefore to make this data more accurate and faster to access, so that our customers are more efficient in their strategic thinking.

It is a tool that will showcase the professionalism of the TRIDEM PHARMA group and will enable us to strengthen our partnerships as well as create new ones."

The choice of ergonomics

TRIDEM has an SAP ECC 6 (EHP8) and SAP CRM 7.0 (EHP4) environment, both with Microsoft SQL Server databases. It seemed natural to us to keep this database to host the Data Warehouse data. The ETL implementation was done with the associated SSIS module (version 2016).

The choice of the restitution tool was more difficult. The criteria were ease of handling, ergonomics, and of course price! Finally, the SOFTWARE TABLE editor was chosen.

A this day, we have already trained eight people from TRIDEM PHARMA on Desktop Table 10.3, and more will follow.

A major and structuring project

We showed our client our ability to quickly build competence on a hitherto little-treated subject, and to take the height to offer a robust and scalable Data Warehouse.

We have already produced dozens of Table reports updated daily and centralized on the Table Server portal. This has made it possible to permanently replace many large and complex Excel files scattered throughout various departments of the company. Users now have the keys to master their data.

The point of view of Valérie Dannelongue, project manager for TRIDEM PHARMA:

 "The objective of this major and structuring project for TRIDEM PHARMA was, in addition to the very nature of a BI project, to pool the Group's data, grouping 4 companies, by breaking the existing "silo data" architecture that does not allow for cross, rapid and relevant analyses.

This realization is today a real success thanks to our partner VISEO which brought us a methodology by iteration allowing each one to rise in competence in fields hitherto unknown. VISEO knew how to take into account our need while integrating the specificities related to our trade and by being, as soon as necessary, strength of council and proposal.

As for our business users, after basic training and workshops, they have started to develop their reports and seem to appreciate the easy consultation of their dashboards on their PC and especially on their mobile, a real added value for a company's decision-makers."

The scope of lot 1 was the SD module (sales and distribution), a functionally complex module, but which allowed us to test our project methodology! Lot 2 dealt with the FI module (finance) and was completed within a few weeks. By the end of the year, the CRM module will expand the scope of the project.


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