VISEO accompagne Sanofi sur Mon Glucocompteur

VISEO supports Sanofi on Mon Glucocompteur

Since 2014, the My Glucocompteur application has made it easy to calculate and manage carbohydrate consumption

Originally in paper format, the Glucocompteur was developed in collaboration with diabetic patients and carers to support decision-making at mealtimes. Its success motivated its development in mobile version, with the support of Sanofi and the Novedia agency (now VISEO Digital) in January 2014. The needs of patients and healthcare professionals were carefully analysed over three years to develop a highly innovative V2 of the application, again with VISEO teams.

"It should be noted that this application is really popular with patients and healthcare professionals," explains Frédéric Mouminoux, VISEO Market Manager.

Designed by Jacqueline Delaunay, dietician in the diabetology department of Professor Hélène Hanaire of the Toulouse University Hospital, in partnership with Sanofi, the mobile application (iOS and Android) Mon Glucocompteur makes it easy to calculate and manage carbohydrate consumption.

Based on the insulin/carbohydrate ratio previously assessed by the diabetologist, Mon Glucocompteur estimates the rapid insulin dose corresponding to the meal as well as the number of carbohydrates contained in the food on the plates. The design of recipes and the choice of dishes are then made easier and allow patients to enjoy themselves while controlling their blood sugar levels. Simple and fun, the application supports patients on a daily basis in order to better manage diabetes.

A more precise and adapted V2 for everyone

The V2 of Mon Glucocompteur, available from February 2017, can also be used to estimate fat intake, calories, salt and glycemic index. This new, more complete version is intended to be scalable and customizable, to meet the requests and expectations expressed by users of the first version.

The profile is enriched with new sections "My objectives", "My corrections" and "My sugar intake", which can be personalized, with the help of a doctor or a diabetologist.

To better support the parents of children with diabetes, the teams also added infant food. Similarly, "Taste Ratio" now allows the estimation of the rapid insulin dose for the four-hour period.

In V2, visual equivalents are now also available in quantities adapted to adolescents for a better estimation of consumption. The diversification of food choices (+700 listed) and the addition of additional visual equivalents provide better cues and facilitate meal entry.

VISEO met expectations, design and ergonomics issues

Finally, the new section, "World Foods", meets the expectations of users from all cultures, world food lovers and travellers who love globe cooking. Finally, it is now possible to customize the application by adding your own recipes, ingredients and favourite foods to make everyday life easier.

Marine Huynh, VISEO Digital project manager, explains: "The V2 makes these calculations easier (carbohydrate and insulin), with an expanded food library (and visual elements that can be added directly to its menu), new categories for better research and more precise choice. By creating your own recipe, it is easy to calculate the number of carbohydrates per unit (incremental in the database) and achieve your goal (to be filled with the doctor)."

"VISEO Digital has perfectly met our requirements, both in terms of design and ergonomics, but also in terms of budget," explains Dominique Mang, Patient Relations Project Manager at the Sanofi Diabetes BU. Their teams have done everything possible to ensure that the workshops go as smoothly as possible and the proximity of their branch in Toulouse has saved us time to exchange with the CHU."

"For this V2 with its refreshed design, we were able to work directly with the dietician, which allowed us to familiarize ourselves with medical jargon," explains Marine Huynh. On the technical side, we redesigned the hybrid application to be as close as possible to a user experience of a native application, and we also updated the library for faster access."

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