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VISEO supports The Kooples on BI with Qlik Sense

The ready-to-wear brand wanted to transform the management of its points of sale

The Kooples is a French ready-to-wear brand created in 2008. The brand targets men and women, its concept being to dress the couple.

The French brand needed to structure the company and all the professions. "We are a young but rapidly growing company," explains Jean-Christophe Gnansounou, Data & Analytics Project Manager The Kooples. Until May 2016, we didn't have an ISD!"

Qlik Sense, Data visualization BI tool to control your points of sale

One of the major challenges of 2017 was to improve the operational management of the company, in particular by simplifying the production of reporting and providing cross functions.

In particular, the brand needed more visibility on its turnover to make decisions. "We needed a tool to get a better view of our business, he continues. Our constraint was that we wanted it quickly, and not in traditional project mode, spread over a year."

Qlik Sense, a data visualization tool, has logically imposed itself in the context of this young company, both in terms of analysis and reporting.

"The choice of VISEO was then made on two criteria: VISEO had realized the master plan at The Kooples and has a large panel of customers for whom they implemented the Qlik Sense solution."

Three businesses: Retail, Merchandising, Finance

The project was conducted in three three-week runs, in agile mode, for the implementation of three services, between January and May 2017.

"We cut by trade and chose the ones we needed the most, which will serve as a basis before addressing the others," Jean-Christophe Gnansounou analyses.

Retail first of all: "We went from manually extracting data from Excel to clear and malleable tables under Qlik Sense. Our Business Analysts who spent 80% of their time doing research and 20% doing analysis were able to reverse these ratios," says The Kooples Data & Analytics Project Manager. Calculations are automated and data visibility is improved. In addition, the level of detail will help strengthen the sales force, in a few clicks."

Merchandising/Purchasing in a second phase:"We needed to see how the collection performed to be able to react quickly". With a day-to-day vision, replacing a biased vision from week to week, The Kooples can now think about how to improve its stocks and actions in near real time, and see which items or sizes perform best, with top 10 items that sell best, at what times, etc...

Third area,"The Finance part under Qlik Sense allows us to improve profitability monitoring on products, explains Jean-Christophe Gnansounou. It is a'quick win' to alleviate the pain of services".

Following the creation of a Data WareHouse, the brand, having a stable base, now wishes to move towards advanced analytics and forecasting models.

The Kooples testifies

The Kooples testifies
Jean-Christophe Gnansounou, Data & Analytics Project Manager The Kooples, talks about the project




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