Biomonde by VISEO

VISEO supports Biomonde by relying on Microsoft Azure and Power BI

Objective: To facilitate negotiations with suppliers, to contribute to the development of the network by offering a decision-making tool for store managers, a tool to simulate net prices for the products of suppliers listed by the group.

"All the organic you need, close to home." By diverting the maxim of our client Biomonde, we summarize well this decision-making project, adapted to the needs of the client and accessible to all members of the group.

Created in 1992, Biomonde Solidarité is a cooperative group of independent organic retailers in France, with more than 180 stores in all regions of France.

Long-term support on the master plan

VISEO has been supporting Biomonde since 2015 on the master plan for the group's future information system. Since the beginning of 2017, VISEO's Business Intelligence teams have initiated a project to implement an innovative BI platform for independent organic retailers and headquarters.

This project called "BioZoom" is a triple challenge for the group. In the long term, it should facilitate negotiations with suppliers, contribute to the development of the network by offering a decision-making tool for store managers and a tool for simulating net prices for the products of suppliers listed by the group. "The second phase of our IT project called Biozoom is delivering on all its promises," says our customer. This is the real strategic challenge of 2017 for our group"

VISEO worked with MS Azure and Power BI

The solution consists in centralizing store data by integrating with the cash register software programs present in the network, offering data analysis and reporting services to manage the activity of the group and the stores.

"VISEO has chosen to rely on the Microsoft Azure cloud and the Power BI solution, which have integrated integration and connectivity features," explains Yvan Monnier, Business Intelligence Consultant at VISEO. These two solutions also meet the values of the cooperative group, which are independence, diversity and freedom. Azure provides the freedom to create and deploy the solution easily in any store using the tools, infrastructures and applications of our choice.

Power BI transforms the data from Biomonde stores into rich visual elements that can be organized according to the members' management requests. "VISEO identifies the functional needs of members and headquarters through very enriching workshops," explains our client. Biomonde merchants have built their own identity integrated into local life and with very different types and modes of store operation."

The next step is to collect the technical expectations: identify the source systems, characterize their functional content and technical platform, determine the depth of the history and the availability of the data. Then, the teams will connect the cash register software of each store to centralize the information in the Azure target architecture.

A Datawarehouse to stock them all

A Datawarehouse will be modeled with Azure tools as a storage point for all data used by the system to analyze the information.

First, it ensures a tight seal between the operational system and the decision-making system. There is therefore no risk that business intelligence tools will affect the performance of existing store checkout software. The restitution layer realization phase will allow the construction of the first easy-to-use dashboards, attractive graphical displays, statistical steering indicators and provide interactive reports to bring the data to life.

Members will use Power BI from their Internet browser to connect to data from the Biomonde network. The solution will allow them to be displayed and analyzed with increased speed and efficiency, all with a guaranteed level of security.

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