VISEO accompagne AVSimulation sur la conception de sa solution HPC SCANeR Cloud avec AWS

VISEO supports AVSimulation based on the design of its HPC solution SCANeR Cloud with AWS

AVSimulation is a joint venture of Sogeclair/Dassault Systèmes/UTAC/Renault that helps smart mobility players reduce their time-to-market and development costs by reducing prototype numbers and physical testing through simulation, choose VISEO and AWS to assist in the design of its HPC solution SCANeR Cloud.

What is SCANeR?

SCANeR is the most comprehensive solution on the market. It allows users to configure, prepare, simulate and analyze results. Open and modular, it can be used by multidisciplinary teams working on different aspects of the same project (lighting, AD/ADAS, HMI and others). In addition, SCANeR is the only simulation software that can be used throughout the development cycle: from the validation of requirements to acceptance testing (ViL).

SCANeR Cloud project ambitions 

SCANeR Cloud is a massive web-based computing platform that allows millions of SCANeR simulations to be run simultaneously to develop or validate intelligent mobility systems.

Bulk simulation is required to design and simulate all test cases. This is due to the time required or the amount of data generated. SOTIF (Safety Of The Intended Functionality) requires the production of billions of Km to ensure that all situations are handled correctly.  Beyond this certification, there is also a need to facilitate the production of data by:


- Obtaining traceability of the scenarios and components of the digital vehicle

- Validating the non-deterioration of an updated component

- Versioning its components and centralizing the results


SCANeR® Cloud was designed with these use cases in mind. The platform allows simulating billions of Km from a simple browser. This allows users to prepare, execute and evaluate their test campaigns.



- A SCANeR configuration

- A set of scenarios with their dependencies

- A system under test (SUT)

- A specific vehicle model under test (VUT)


Execute the project by defining:

- The number of calculation nodes desired

- If there is a need for a GPU


Scaner project AVSimulation by VISEO


Analysis of the results right from the start of the tests:

- By observing the parallel coordinate graph

- Parameters validating the criteria are displayed in blue

- Parameters that do not validate one of the criteria are displayed in red

- Using the details of the scenarios

- By exporting records