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Atis Aerospace needed to find a way to streamline its processes: the company choosed VISEO to create its ERP with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Atis Aéronautique (Derichebourg Group), a service provider for aeronautical players (such as Airbus), has been one of the leaders in aeronautical subcontracting on a European scale since 1998. Based in Toulouse, Atis Aéronautique generated 128 million euros in revenue in 2015, has 1900 employees in three countries and 80 customers.

"Until 2014, we had two tools for finance and payroll. At Atis Aeronautics, we didn't even have an information system, only Excel files and we only had a small database," says Stéphane Mas, CFO Atis Aeronautics and project manager. There was no information gathering system in place or communication between our tools, so it was necessary to streamline all this."

"VISEO's intervention dates back to before the choice of ERP"

Sandrine Radé, Atis Aeronautics project manager attached to IT Derichebourg, which supports the implementation of the ERP project, adds: "The need was linked to the rationalisation of processes: the number of excel files, the basic number of accesses to be organised and harmonised.


Thus, to answer this problem "we have chosen VISEO and Microsoft for our ERP project", explains Stéphane Mas.

"VISEO's intervention dates back even before the choice of the ERP to identify and choose a homogeneous information system, by identifying our existing system," he continues. They first proposed the implementation of an ERP system and then the Microsoft Dynamics AX option for all Atis Aerospace and our subsidiaries to solve our problems."

A single repository for all business lines

On the side of immediate gains, "we were able to integrate our business tools into the ERP and thus have a single reference system for all business lines: whether it concerns subcontracting, assistance with aircraft production (particularly the assembly of electrical kits), logistics, quality inspection, in terms of information quality. This ERP also makes it possible to be more responsive to an event," explains Stéphane Mas.

"After an initial contact in October 2014, the discussions lasted until June 2015 to frame Atis Aéronautique's information system (IS), including interviews with all teams, departments and short-, medium- and long-term recommendations, we launched the implementation of an ERP to replace Excel in March 2016," explains Audrey Boutet, VISEO manager in charge of the project. User training will last until March 2017, as will the implementation of the IS at the subsidiaries in Spain (Seville) and Germany (Bremen and Hamburg), which should be delivered by summer 2017."

"VISEO, a very voluntary and extremely professional actor"

"The tool that has been installed corresponds well to our needs: it is structuring and offers reliable information from start to finish," continues Stéphane Mas. VISEO has been very attentive to employees to understand map needs and propose solutions natively."

"We were looking for malleable solutions that would allow us to industrialize all processes quite simply," adds Eric Cuziat, CIO Derichebourg.


"I was particularly happy to see VISEO arrive on the project," he says. A very determined and extremely professional player, concerned about serving his customers and beyond, his customers' customers." "Adaptability" is also mentioned by Sandrine Radé as one of VISEO's strengths.

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Stéphane Mas, DAF Atis Aéronautique

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