Thea Laboratories choose VISEO's Navboard solution to support them

Thea Laboratories choose VISEO's Navboard solution to support them

Clermont-Ferrand laboratories now rely on Navboard Pharma, VISEO's business intelligence solution for pharmaceutical laboratories

VISEO offers to support all pharmaceutical companies with its dedicated business intelligence solution, Navboard.

This is the choice made by Laboratoires Théa in the fall of 2016, whose mission is to satisfy most of the needs of ophthalmologists. Based in Clermont-Ferrand and with 900 employees worldwide, they achieved a turnover of 388.5 million euros in 2015 (one third in France).

An ergonomic, business, mobile solution

"Laboratoires Thea were looking for an analytical solution for all their medical sales representative networks, enabling them to cross-reference sales and activities," explains Frédéric Mouminoux, head of the Navboard offer. In order to ensure strong user support, the solution had to be "ergonomic, business, mobile, and accessible in offline mode, and this on all their iPads," he continues.

Another request from the Laboratories is to ensure that the data is updated quickly. "They wanted to free themselves from the burden of recurring controls and processing, to update all the dashboards for all the networks," Frédéric Mouminoux also analyses.

Innovations resulting from Thea research - dry eye gel, reduced-dose ocular antibiotic, heated eyeglasses for eyelids in the treatment of ocular pathologies, multiaction antiallergic without preservative in vials - are marketed on 5 continents.

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