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Iberia Express: creating a more personalized customer experience in the cloud  

Less than a decade after Iberia Express entered the airline market, the company has grown significantly, thanks in part to the e-commerce platform it built on Microsoft Azure

Iberia Express has now further developed its architecture, leveraging the latest cloud technologies to deliver a personalized and immediate experience to its customers. In doing so, the company is securing a loyal customer base and paving the way for an intelligence-driven future.  


We invite you to read the case study published by Microsoft in this link.

The future at Iberia Express  

The company continues to evolve its e-commerce platform. This is a key strategy for the company's growth and to stay ahead in a market where airlines need to be highly adaptable.  


According to the testimonial, the purpose of the project was not only to facilitate customer engagement and personalize the eCommerce experience, but also to strengthen the technology and make the platform more resilient and secure against the activities of cybercriminals.   


"Since the new architecture was put in place, these cybercrime cases have dropped dramatically. The difference is like night and day" Juan Carlos Llorente, Development and Commercial Systems Manager at Iberia Express


Azure Cosmos DB was also deployed "to minimize response times while providing 99% availability and automatic and instant scalability. And an additional layer of Power BI, which allows the Iberia Express team to monitor the key KPIs they want to track on the e-commerce platform, while providing a user-friendly interface for business users."  


The goal is to create an architectural foundation that easily enables new integrations and innovations as the business scales in the future. 

Iberia Express and VISEO  

The Iberia Express team has worked successfully with VISEO, which has been an active part of the airline's team, says Antonio Muñoz, Chief Information Officer at Iberia Express: "We see VISEO as part of this family."  "VISEO plays a key role... They keep an eye on new trends; they see the technologies that they believe will add value and open up new opportunities for us "


The VISEO team advises on the appropriate technology to accompany Iberia Express as it begins to travel freely again following the COVID health crisis.  


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