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Intelligent Maintenance

Optimize the maintenance of your installed equipment with Intelligent Maintenance and Microsoft 365

Intelligent Maintenance is a solution that allows you to optimize the maintenance operations on equipment installed at your clients' sites and make them more reliable, by implementing digital technologies and Industry 4.0 processes, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

The issues involved in the maintenance market

The priority for companies that perform maintenance on their clients' equipment is to constantly seek to improve customer satisfaction, while improving the productivity of maintenance teams, limiting the risk of failure, and reducing the time needed to resolve breakdowns.

The growing worldwide market in predictive maintenance is considered to be the largest IoT market because:

  • It offers ROIs that can amount to several million euros when production line stoppages are avoided
  • It reduces maintenance costs by 10% to 40%, and halves the number of breakdowns (source: McKinsey)

The Intelligent Maintenance offer

Today's connected industrial equipment is the forerunner of tomorrow's intelligent industry, and helps your clients improve their industrial performance, and ensures them optimal control of their production processes and equipment maintenance. 
Our Intelligent Maintenance offer allows you to optimize the maintenance operations on your clients' installed equipment and make them more reliable
The central element of Intelligent Maintenance is data. Data that is first collected from the equipment via IoT, and then analyzed to enable predictive maintenance to react quickly and make the right decisions.


The benefits of this solution

Intelligent Planning brings you three major benefits:

Optimizing your technicians' interventions

Optimizing your technicians' interventions

Predictive reporting allows you to automatically estimate the number of hours needed to perform an intervention based on past experience and travel time. It therefore enables maintenance rounds to be scheduled more quickly.

The "Remote Assist" feature allows remote diagnosis from a distance via a smartphone or Microsoft Hololens mixed reality glasses.

The mobile function of the intervention tool allows the technician on site to access all the information of the work order, to check the stocks of spare parts, to make a report, and to charge the client.
Reducing equipment downtime

Reducing equipment downtime

Predictive maintenance detects, troubleshoots, and solves problems through its alert system, before the client is aware of them.

It also allows maintenance costs to be reduced by changing parts only when necessary rather than intervening in a predictive way on fixed dates.
Improving client satisfaction

Improving client satisfaction

The scheduling function allows you to obtain the optimal intervention date and the best route to follow, and to send an email to your client to warn him of the technician's arrival.

The analysis of data from the life of the equipment allows their reliability and their maintenance to be improved.

Finally, you can now tailor your service contracts to your clients' needs with flexible SLAs and pricing.
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As a major partner of Microsoft since 2005, VISEO is based on:

  • Microsoft expertise recognized through certifications and awards
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