Partenaire by VISEO

Colibri is a Supply Chain Planning solution where you can manage your sales forecasts and distribution and replenishments planning. Colibri stands out by its simplicity, ease of use, price and speed of implementation.



Two modules are available : VISION for your sales forecasts and demand planning, and FLOW to manage replenishment and distribution planning.


Colibri main values are SMART, SAFE and SIMPLE.

  • SIMPLE because Colibri is fast to implement and easy to use. Smart and ergonomic screens allows nearly immediate ownership and a pleasant user experience.
  • SMART because Colibri regularly delivers new evolutions and follow business best practices. A monthly with no hidden cost allows a controlled budget.
  • SAFE because Colibri follows cloud security best practices with Microsoft Azure, the most certified cloud supplier.

Colibri was edited by VISEO in the Supply Chain Organization Business Unit, and is now a subsidiary of VISEO.