Partenaire by VISEO


Ariba is an SAP company. Every day, she helps her clients find new opportunities to reduce costs, risks and increase revenue through better collaboration with their business partners. This collaboration is made possible through Ariba Network - a cloud community where you can buy, sell and manage your cash flow as easily as using Amazon, eBay or PayPal. Ariba also hosts other online communities where business professionals connect with each other and share information and best practices, just like friends on Facebook.


True to its historical strategy of partnering with leading publishers in their markets, VISEO has chosen to partner with the ARIBA collaborative purchasing platform for several reasons:


  • It is the world's leading collaborative trade network in terms of purchasing volume and number of transactions
  • Cloud solutions are easily integrated with all ERP systems, especially SAP, and are free of administrative burdens.
  • This platform is global, modular, scalable and covers all the steps of the P2P process: Expense analysis, Sourcing, Contract Management, Procurement, Supplier Management, Invoice Management, Payment Management.


The conviction to offer our customers a solution capable of meeting their ambitions in terms of applying best purchasing practices, cost optimization and return on investment.