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Anaplan is a SaaS solution for financial management and operational planning. Whether it is budgeting, financial reporting, profitability analysis or operational planning and monitoring for sales, human resources, logistics or marketing, Anaplan is a simple, rich and flexible solution that speeds up the implementation and deployment of applications.


It allows business users to participate in the implementation and scalable maintenance of applications as part of an "agile" methodology.  The Anaplan solution therefore ensures user acceptance of the implemented solution and reduces implementation and maintenance costs.


Anaplan enables business users to transform complex business processes into easy-to-use models. No technical language is required to build a model; simple formulas are sufficient. In addition, Anaplan's patented Hyperblock technology ensures optimal performance. It allows end users to see the results of model changes (calculation rules, inductors, data) in real time and perform simulations at the most accurate level instantly.


Finally, Anaplan respects the major industry standards and provides a very high level of availability and reliability. The platform delivers a secure application layer through data encryption, authentication protocol and access control.


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