Que retenir du CES 2020 sur le futur du Retail ? by VISEO


What can we learn from the CES 2020 regarding the future of Retail?

This year, retail was relegated to second place at the world's largest electronics show, with the Smart home echoing the new concerns of health, safety, and well-being, but we detected a few choice morsels ... the proof on fast-forward!

Health Tech and Wellness Tech were in the front row at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. We discovered products dedicated to health, sleep (bracelets, connected beds, headbands), dental hygiene (connected toothbrushes or radio-frequency waves), well-being (massage chairs, therapeutic sex toys, etc.) and security (smart lockers, etc.).


This massive presence overshadowed the retail experience somewhat, even though the major brands were presenting increasingly convincing connected journeys: Amazon, Procter & Gamble, or Walmart, and brands such as Samsung, LG, or Haier are continuing to penetrate the market, and some start-ups are positioning themselves as leading players.  


Some technological bricks are coming to maturity

Mirror, mirror on the wall


The holy grail of the sector, connected mirrors are still highly visible on the stands. They have achieved an increasingly convincing level of finish, with discreet borders, seamless experiences, and various use cases such as:


- Body measurements and individual product advice

- Previewing of clothes worn

- Product scan for more information in AR

- Voice control


The deployment of the CareOS start-up demonstrates the maturity of the technology and its prospects. Partnerships are being developed with LVMH and Pierre Fabre.


Haier's Smart Closet imagined in a bedroom or a store © DR


Style suggestions on Haier's Smart Closet © DR


... How to be THE most beautiful: personalized recommendations 


Overall, smart screens are flourishing in the aisles of the CES, especially among the major players such as LG, but also among start-ups, which are competing with proposals such as stress or skin diagnosis, or make-up advice with preview and product recommendation.


The start-up behind Perfect Corp's YouCamMakeup AR application announced several partnerships including with Estée Lauder, Neutrogena, Henkel Beauty Care, and retail brand Sally.


Lipstick preview via the YouCamMakeup application © DR


Diagnosis of the stress level © DR


Personalization also takes place through terminals with integrated sensors and artificial vision functions. Non-intrusive and respectful of the GDPR, they are interesting for mass marketing, for example. For example, Becon, a start-up backed by Samsung, offers a scalp scanner that analyses the scalp and recommends the most suitable shampoos.