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What are the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry? 


Some of the challenges pharmaceutical companies are facing these days are related to the following business issues that have been disrupted by COVID-19. 



- Business continuity with constant disruptions in the value chain. 

- The paradigm shift in the new relationship with pharmacies, distributors, or prescribers. 

- The adaptation of the commercial force to the new post-COVID-19 era. 


In order to successfully overcome industry challenges, our client, Kern Pharma has relied on the Salesforce cloud ecosystem. Their goal? To approach their customers from a 360° point of view. 


"After COVID-19 we need to think about  how to improve our relationship with customers, and  Salesforce, with its cloud ecosystem and tools, has a lot to say when it comes to this topic.” 

Albert Almajano, CEO of the Indukern Group 


Having this vision allows laboratories to efficiently manage the processes of medical and pharmaceutical visits both in-person and remotely. 

It also achieves real integration into the new digital channels that are essential in the new era of omni-channeling


 “From now on, it will be essential to process data in order to analyse it, to detect patterns, and to understand our customers better. Knowing what they need, what they want, and what they like will allow us to adapt our products better."

Albert Almajano, CEO of the Indukern Group 


In this respect, it is also essential that all departments are aligned to achieve higher productivity and process flexibility. In this new paradigm, the use of technology adapted to Pharma will increase efficiency in the use of resources in the business management process flow. 


In addition to all of the above, in the words of Albert Almajano, CEO of the Indukern Group, everything that has to do with the automation of processes and with the RPAs will be very relevant to promote agility and flexibility in day-to-day tasks in the future of pharmaceutical companies. 



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