VISEO accelerates Supersol's digital transformation with S/4HANA Cloud by SAP 

VISEO has developed an SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud implementation project in record time that has provided the retail leader Supersol with an integrated economic, financial, and purchasing management system, making it one of the first implementations of its kind in Spain.  

Supersol Supermercados is a  leading company in the food retail sector in Spain, offering a wide range of excellent quality products in more than 180 stores throughout the country, with a large presence in Andalusia and Madrid.  


At a crucial time for its business, in order to meet the digital challenges and competition in its sector today, the supermarket group relied on VISEO to gain efficiency and agility in making important decisions.  


To meet the challenge and complexity of Supersol's purpose, VISEO incorporated a holistic and integrative perspective specialized in SAP, leading a project aimed at optimizing the food leader's financial processes in a unified environment. The result? A great success.  


VISEO has successfully achieved one of the first implementations of the SAP Cloud ecosystem in Spain. After the start-up, users use SAP technology in Supersol in a unified way and in the cloud, with the consequent homogenization of information, tools, and access to a large volume of data, efficiently and consistently.  


Launching SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud 


VISEO has accelerated Supersol's digital transformation through an implementation project in a record time of six months in all the group's companies. This technology partner has automated all business processes and simplified decision-making thanks to data analytics and the development of an integrated economic, financial, and purchasing management system.  


Among other benefits, the launching of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud as a tool for planning, reporting, and financial-economic control, both locally and reporting to the parent company, allows the collection, monitoring, and homogenization of a large volume of information in real-time.  


Through the launch of this project, VISEO has achieved the optimization of the entire financial cycle of Supersol Supermercados, reducing financial closing time and providing real-time analysis and reporting information in a single environment that can be easily accessed by 50 users in the cloud. Consequently, the company has also achieved greater agility in decision-making.  


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