Why is now the best time to move to the Cloud with SAP SuccessFactors? 

Connecting technology, business processes and people is much easier than you might think at first sight 

The HR Challenges

HR managers start to view the cloud as the answer to the challenges they have on their table. 


According to Gartner’s Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2021, 46% of those in charge of Human Resources believe that their main objective is organizational design and change management. Here SuccessFactors plays a fundamental role within the digital transformation processes in personnel departments. 


Why is it a good time?


Hitting the target date of 2027 that SAP has set for migrating all the data, or being able to strengthen the functions and capabilities of the HR department to make it a key part of the organization, are some of the reasons why the time to accelerate full digitalization to cloud technology has arrived. 


To make HR work more flexible and easier with cloud technology, it will provide: 

  • Transparency with employees 

  • Enhanced ability to get advanced analytics in real time. 

  • Unlimited scalability with SuccessFactors HXM. 

  • Streamlining and savings in talent retention processes 

Escenarios SuccessFactors


Want to learn about all the benefits of moving to the cloud with SuccessFactors? 

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