Journée Internationale de la Tolérance by VISEO


VISEO reaffirms its commitment to diversity and non-discrimination

On the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance, VISEO reaffirms its commitment to fighting discrimination and promoting diversity, key concepts in its CSR approach.


What commitments has VISEO made to combat discrimination and promote diversity?

In addition to its commitment to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, which include the elimination of all forms of discrimination in employment, VISEO applies its own "Diversity & Non-discrimination Charter".  Through this charter, VISEO reaffirms its commitment to fight against all forms of discrimination and to act according to equal treatment in all stages of employment: recruitment, training, career management, remuneration and social relations.

What actions have been launched?

To promote diversity, we are taking action in favor of inclusion for all, with :

- A disability policy focused on supporting our employees

- A responsible purchasing policy, favoring the use of companies in the sheltered employment sector and CSR criteria.

- A policy of professional equality between men and women.

- The integration of jobseekers with the Individual Operational Preparation for Employment, in partnership with local players, which will train them in digital professions.

- Professional integration for all, especially young people, through internships and work-study programs.


- Skills sponsorship to help include everyone in civil society.

How does VISEO inform and raise awareness among its employees?

To enable employees to grasp the subject of non-discrimination and diversity, VISEO provides them with an e-learning module entitled "Discrimination at work: how to recognize and prevent it". VISEO organizes webinars with partners to discuss diversity and disability issues.


As a responsible employer, VISEO promotes diversity so that everyone can find their place according to their skills, thus creating wealth for the company, its employees, customers and society at large.