Recruiting Analytics for Success Factors - SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

This package includes a recruiting analytics solution designed to analyze applications and candidates.

It also includes a history to analyze Success Factors information to help managers respond to applications and invite other managers to help analyze and qualify candidates and issue job offers.

Customers who have implemented Success Factors and need a solution to analyze information to process new applications, view information on all candidates, and manage their results.


Quick implementation at a fixed price: 3 weeks with two models and a history with 3 perspectives.


Customer benefits:

  • Cloud-based SAP tool

  • Enables users to produce agile data visualizations

  • Uses the new, innovative solution: SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Solution integrated with Success Factors



​Package solution:

The history draws its data directly from Success Factors. It includes three perspectives to show relationships between candidates, job applications, and applicants.

The solution can be used by any organization seeking to quickly and easily build an analytical solution.



  • Job department

  • Country

  • Job division

  • Internal state

  • Job application ID

  • Workplace location

  • Currency*

  • Time

  • Candidate ID

  • Gender

  • City/Candidate

  • Country of residence/Candidate

  • Current title/Candidate

  • Candidate/External candidate


Automatic currency conversion.


All objects within the history support interaction, allowing you to filter, break down, or compare data for more information.


Basic measurements:

  • Number of applications

  • Base salary

  • Job requirements


Calculated measurements:

  • City counter

  • Average salary by city

  • Average salary

  • Number of participants


3-weeks implementation

  • Connection with SAC – SSFF & data model customization

  • Package implementation and customized graphics and filters

  • User, role, and permissions maintenance

  • Testing and Go Live

The additional package includes:

  • 10 SAC licenses

  • 1 or 2 models

  • 1 history with 3 perspectives

  • 3-week implementation

  • History available in Spanish and English

  • PDF summary

  • Users add comments to the histories

  • Administrators can expand the data

  • 10 service days (implementation + testing + go live)

  • Customized graphics and filters