VISEO Human Capital Management offer

Human Capital Management

While human capital is one of the company's most strategic assets, the HR function must rethink itself to take on talent management beyond traditional personnel administration
VISEO Human Capital Management offer

Employees' expectations of their employer are shifting and the organization must be able to attract, engage, and retain them, develop their skills and implement a real strategy around these talents.

By mobilizing expertise in human resources issues and know-how around Human Capital Management technologies, we operate your transformation of the HR function in all its dimensions: payroll, expense management, working time management, talent and learning management, performance management and evaluation, etc.

Our dedicated department has a strong knowledge of the main HR solutions provided by key software vendors. Our certified consultants can customize and implement these solutions from build to run.

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Innovate for human resources department with Success Factors. Discover how the Talent Management solution can help you and how VISEO can supports you.