Partenaire by VISEO

VISEO, as a ReadSoft Platinum Partner, distributes ReadSoft solutions in Europe, the United States and Asia, implements the solutions, provides software support and has developed a third-party application maintenance offer to support its customers over the long term.


Recently acquired by Kofax, ReadSoft was the first company to introduce technology to automate supplier invoice processing processes in the 1990s. Today, ReadSoft is still the world leader in supplier invoice dematerialization, with more than 4,000 customers worldwide - more than twice as many customers as all its major competitors combined.


Whether you automate the processing of accounts payable, or any other documentary process, such as data entry and classification, ReadSoft solutions allow you to reduce processing costs and times, but also to share information and control processes more effectively. The implementation of a document dematerialization solution is fast and simple and the ROI is often less than 1 year.