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VISEO supports Air France on a Big Data project

Our VISEO teams led this Big Data project with the Air France Customer BI & CRM Project Manager

As part of Air France's strategy to become the leader in customer care, also called customer intimacy, and thus become the favorite company of customers, the airline turned to Big Data.

"To achieve this status, we needed to know our customers," explains Aurélie Dupont, Air France Customer BI & CRM Project Manager. We only knew a part of them, essentially the faithful ones. To launch our new policy, it was crucial to meet them.

The first initiative at Air France focused on a passenger recognition algorithm designed and implemented by VISEO at the end of 2015. "It is the first application developed and industrialized in a Big Data environment within Air France's Business Intelligence domain," explains David Gougaud, VISEO technical project manager.

"Facilitating the customer's web journey"

"We are thus able to collect booking, registration and customer reference data," continues the BI Project Manager. Sources that we cross together to clean them and to draw criteria of recognition, in order to facilitate the customer journey".

The idea being to have a better knowledge of customers, thanks to deep learning, Air France has set up scoring algorithms. "Big Data has brought us flexibility with PMML technology. We developed an application to read churn (whether the customer is happy and loyal to the brand), analyses Aurélie Dupont. And for all the next scores, our data scientists will only have to generate a new PMML. It's a template (or packaged solution) to get our new scores in."

"We are able to notify our customers as soon as an event occurs."

With this maturity, Air France has now integrated into the setting of a unified architecture with the implementation of an hybrid architecture, with a Data Lake in addition to the Data Warehouse (restitution of useful data). Data Lake offers integration flexibility and data generation in 2017, including unstructured, better read data (video data, Twitter, Web). "We are gradually integrating new bricks," explains David Gougaud. "We have set up an as-a-Service Data Discovery service and we are coordinating the provision of these clusters," adds Aurélie Dupont.

The development since the beginning was made of iterative matter and in agile environment. "VISEO now helps us with simplification and future developments, as well as technology monitoring. They offer us advice in choosing the Big Data module," she explains. I already had these developments in mind and I am very satisfied.

Air France now integrates data via Big Data for the real-time aspect. Aurélie Dupont concluded: "We receive the reservation data in real time. These are consolidated and integrated a few seconds after they are issued. The advantage is that we are now able to notify our customers as soon as an event occurs via mass communication campaigns, such as during a stopover disruption for example. Big Data simplifies and improves the processing of our data.

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