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Groupe Atlantic Perfects its Warehouse Management Using SAP EWM on S/4HANA 

At the end of a long-term project, Groupe Atlantic deployed an SAP S/4HANA ERP with a very broad scope, complemented by warehouse and logistics management solutions. An offer capable of supporting the group’s rapid growth, both in France and internationally. 

Created in 1968, Groupe Atlantic is the European leader in thermal comfort, with a wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. The company has robust production facilities that includes 31 plants (13 of which are located in France), for a total of 10 million products manufactured each year.  


Groupe Atlantic now has 21 brands with an annual turnover of €2.7 billion. Growing rapidly (its turnover has doubled in ten years), Groupe Atlantic is expected to increase from 11,600 to 13,200 employees in 2022, including 6,000 in France. 


Until now, the company has relied on internally developed IT solutions, which it wishes to update. “We asked ourselves whether we wanted to continue with solutions developed in-house, or opt for a market offer,” explains William Guillet, Business Process Leader, Groupe Atlantic. In the end, it was the second choice that was chosen, with an IS built around SAP solutions: the SAP ERP S/4HANA, but also the SAP EWM warehouse management solution. “We already knew VISEO, as they had supported us on other projects. We felt they were a partner that could help us implement our SAP IS and transform our ISD.” 

SAP EWM: An Effective Warehouse Management Solution 

Note that the company initially chose SAP EWM, not SAP WM. “In hindsight, we believe we’ve made the right choice, choosing a sustainable solution that evolves steadily.” 


SAP EWM is now deployed on 5 production units and 7 shipping units, including two major logistics platforms delivering from both western and eastern France. “The platform's activity required new flows in EWM,” says Abdeslam Moussa, EWM expert at VISEO.


After a period of adjustment, we have returned to a normal level of productivity and autonomy when using EWM. The processes are more rigorous, with stronger constraints, but it makes it possible to work better,” says William Guillet. 


The company is also gradually gaining autonomy over system configuration, although a VISEO team will remain in support during future deployments : “We have been working with VISEO for years. We appreciate the quality of the relationship we have built with them, as well as their skills and their ability to support us. It’s a trusted partnership.” 


With EWM we were able to: 

- Mass storage (Bulk) & location capacity management, storage on section locations. 


- Receiving with a quality check. 


- Replenishment of the reserve to picking according to customer need. 


- Assembly operations to build kits for putaway or on orders (Kit to stock). 


- Compliance with the sequence during truck loading. 


- Cross dock management. 


- Serial number traceability. 


- Handling waves of preparations for shipments. 


- Direct Outbound Delivery (DOD) operations from EWM. 


- SAP TM EWM integration, etc. 


- Drive all warehouse operations on a single system integrated with S4 HANA with a complete warehouse management monitor. 


- Have reliable inventory and optimal yield by minimizing the risk of errors and the failure rate. 


- Benefit from standard mobile warehouse features (RF + mobile printer). 

William Guillet, Business Process Leader Logistic Operations - Groupe Atlantic, speaks about this project in video

video Groupe Atlantic SAP EWM
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