A French International Airport Relies on VISEO for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support

A French International Airport Relies on VISEO for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support


A French international airport has chosen the leading marketing omni-channel automation solution, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), and put its trust in our certified expert VISEO teams to support it in its CRM Marketing project.

Personalized, Omni-Channel Customer Experience

In 2020, the airport launched a biometric-based mobile app to facilitate passenger journeys before, during, and after travel. An app that saves you time and provides flexibility, simplicity, personalized services, and more. This app revolutionizes the passenger experience!


To support the launch of this mobile app, the airport’s digital management seeks to enrich and personalize the customer experience through the implementation of real-time omni-channel campaigns (on email, SMS and mobile push channels) for new passenger journeys (data related to e-commerce, parking lots, lead nurturing, as well as biometric data, real-time flight info, etc.). One of the major challenges is the development of customer knowledge: having a 360-degree view of customers via the Salesforce CRM, then engaging customers via SFMC.


SFMC Implementation Project

VISEO found the main challenges to be centralizing all passenger data in a secure Salesforce database to allow for a 360-degree view of customers, and ensuring the scalability and industrialization capacity of the CRM/Marketing automation project.

To harness the power of the Salesforce platform, each stage of the journey was taken into consideration when developing the data model.

Each key user was trained in CRM and SFMC solutions.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Use Case

Email, SMS and mobile push channels

(SFMC SDK implemented in the mobile app)


Before the flight: practical information related to services offered in the vicinity of the airport (parking lots), geolocation data (finding a parking lot or the customer’s terminal), inside terminals (store offerings, lounge, etc.), CRM segmentation (business, family, etc.) and transactional data (information regarding tickets, travel and destination) derived from passenger reservations.


Travel day: quick luggage drop-off, check-in/boarding data, security checkpoint, biometric data, flight status data (delayed, cancelled, etc.) and customers’ boarding pass (seat number, on-board services, etc.)


After the flight: Welcome back! Customers can find their parking lot, fill out a satisfaction survey, etc.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

- Journey Builder: develop customized, real-time, multi-channel customer journeys (email, mobile and online) for a unique customer experience at each point of contact.


- Email Studio: create customized email campaigns based on your various data (Web analytics and CRM).


- Mobile Studio: create push notifications, SMS and other types of customized instant messaging.


- Einstein: AI (artificial intelligence and machine learning) features to comply with and are available in SFMC for marketing teams.


- Datorama report: carefully analyze your KPIs in order to improve marketing campaign performance and customer commitment.


Marketing Cloud Project Deliverables

Our teams of experts made sure CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud were correctly implemented with the appropriate data model for the campaigns identified during the implementation project. They also ensured the configuration of the various connectors with regards to e-commerce, flight, biometric and real-time boarding data. Several automated use cases were created on SFMC to allow marketing teams to focus on relational campaigns and enrich customer knowledge.

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