DIC streamlines employee claims across Asia-Pacific with VISEO and SAP Concur

DIC streamlines employee claims across Asia-Pacific with VISEO and SAP Concur

For multinational corporations, expense claims are often complex, time consuming, and expensive – especially with thousands of employees in dozens of countries, making submissions using different systems, each and every day.


For the DIC Group, which has 189 companies in 63 countries and a workforce of over 22,000 employees, the employee claims and reimbursement process was costing them time, money and control. The group knew that to uphold their responsibilities to stakeholders, they needed to operate in a more productive and cost-effective manner – and a good place to start, would be streamlining employee claims in 10 countries across Asia-Pacific (APAC). This would include Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, and would benefit 5,000 employees.

With headquarters leading the way, SAP Concur was chosen

The question of which expense management solution to use, had a simple answer. DIC’s headquarters in Japan already had positive results with SAP Concur, so the solution was chosen for rollout across the 10 countries.


The real question was, who would implement the solution?

Working with VISEO on a region wide Concur implementation

As a Concur partner, VISEO has a lot of experience with understanding a client’s business challenges, then implementing and configuring Concur in the most efficient and effective way possible – putting the company’s desired results at the forefront of its implementation strategy.


In DIC’s case, this meant resolving several unique challenges. At the top of this list, VISEO was working closely with DIC’s team in Japan to develop the necessary integration needed to ensure that the headquarters’ systems could integrate smoothly with the rest of the group’s companies in APAC.


Also, in addition to understanding each office’s unique operational processes, VISEO would need to develop in-depth knowledge of each location’s statutory requirements and best practices, before designing plans for streamlining the claims process for each individual country.


Importantly, as DIC’s Malaysian office has been designated as their shared service centre where all financial transactions (including invoice handling and employee claims) are handled, the VISEO team also needed to ensure that all the Concur implementations done across the region, would lead directly to productivity benefits for this shared service centre.


Over a period of six months, VISEO would complete the first phase of implementations, which happened in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. This was a period of discovery for both DIC and VISEO – with DIC lacking experience with Concur and relying on VISEO’s guidance throughout the implementation process, and VISEO learning about DIC’s existing claims processes and statutory requirements, then configuring the solution to process data flows directly into DIC’s existing SAP ERP system – forming a Concur-based claims processes for the organisation.


More recently, VISEO has completed the second phase of implementation for DIC, which covered implementations across Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. The final phase of the implementation is currently in progress, and will see the integration include their offices in India and Sri Lanka. As before, VISEO is working closely with DIC to understand both countries’ unique requirements – taking extra care with the complexity of India’s tax regulations.

A paperless, automated future

DIC has been pleased with the results of the implementation so far, with the company happy that the solution has enabled us to integrate our existing systems and processes with minimal disruptions, thus improving overall work efficiency,” says Leong Suk Cheng, Regional Finance Manager, DIC.


She adds, “Since the pandemic, employees started working from home, which made submitting (physical) receipts and invoices more difficult. Today, we don’t have so much paper around. Processes and approvals are digitalised, and all claims now flowing automatically into our SAP system, which greatly reduces manual work.”


Ms. Leong further explains that this has freed up employees in finance departments who used to spend a lot of time on data entry and allows them to focus on higher value analytical work, which has led to productivity gains in other areas as well. She also appreciates how the solution has been implemented just in time, too.


As borders continue opening up in 2022, and the volume of travel-related claims start to rise to pre-pandemic levels, we are prepared with a futureproof system and expense claims processes.”

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